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12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Cuatro

Well, we have reached day 4 of our Cinco de Mayo countdown, so far enjoying una cerveza con limon, burritos and quesadillas, so what does today have for us? The answer to that is some bolillo rolls, a typical type of Mexican bread which no Cinco de Mayo party worth its salt should be without. These rectangular white rolls can be served with butter as a side dish if you do not want tortillas, or you can split them and fill them to make ‘tortas’ which are a type of Mexican sandwich. No Mexican bakery near you? No problem! Our recipe shows you how to make your own bolillo rolls.

Even people who do not bake will have no problem rustling up this tasty south of the border bread, because the recipe is incredibly simple. You only need 5 ingredients plus some water, and there is really nothing that can go wrong. Your kitchen is going to smell amazing while these cook and, although they may be served hot or cold, who can resist fresh bread which is still warm from the oven? It gets mouths watering in this house – that is for sure! Homemade bread can also be made ahead so if you are going to be busy preparing hot dishes when the party starts, make your bolillos in the morning.

Bolillos are a staple in Mexico, along with tortillas of course, but some meals are just better with bread as opposed to a corn or flour tortilla or similar kind of flatbread. There is a bakery in just about every village in Mexico, and of course there are also Mexican bakeries in the United States, in areas with plenty of Mexican residents. Serve bolillos for breakfast with fresh fruit and coffee, or cut them into slices and serve with your Cinco de Mayo dishes, so people can enjoy them with dips or use them to scoop up any Mexican food in a sauce, ensuring they can mop up every last drop.

Bolillo rolls tend not to last long, so they are best served as soon as they are made, or at least on the same day. If you do end up with stale bolillo rolls, add a few drops of water on top and warm them back up in the oven to bring back the crispness, else use them in a recipe calling for breadcrumbs. Whatever else you are serving at Cinco de Mayo, do not forget the bread rolls. These are a staple in so many cuisines, not just Mexican, and of course they are a good snack for vegetarians as well as carnivores. So say hello to day 4 of our Cinco de Mayo countdown and celebrate with a batch of these rolls.

Mexican Bolillo Rolls

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Cinco de Mayo 2016!


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