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12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Doce

Finally, day 12 of our Cinco de Mayo countdown has arrived, and you have had the whole spectrum of Mexican recipe ideas presented to you. Hopefully you found several which whet your appetite or inspired you to find out more. You have less than 24 hours to go before the big day is here, so if there is anything you forgot to get, now is the time to rush out and grab those last-minute party essentials! Perhaps you are making a beef dish which needs the meat to be marinated, in which case start it now so it gets time to become really tender and flavorful.

You will already have your Cinco de Mayo recipes picked out, which is why today we are looking at Mexican seasonings, so you can learn more about what it is that makes Mexican food taste as unique and special as it does. South of the border seasonings range from mild to very spicy, aromatic and delicate to vibrant and bold, and they can be combined in many clever ways. Typical Mexican seasonings include cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, sage, cilantro, and of course you have the whole gamut of fresh, pickled, dried and ground chilies to choose from.

If you are new to Mexican recipes and cooking south of the border dishes, you might like to add a little spice at a time, taste and then add more. Over-seasoning is an easy mistake to make, but remember the seasonings need to complement the ingredients in the dish, not the other way around. A beef dish for example should showcase the beef, not disguise the flavor of it with overpowering flavors. The more Mexican dishes you cook, the better idea you will get about not only quantities but choosing which type of chili, for example, or which seasoning is good with which meat.

There is something in Mexican cuisine for everyone. There are meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. There are mild dishes and spicy ones, and of course everything in between. There are many traditional appetizers, main dishes, sides, desserts, breads, and so much more. Since many of the authentic dishes are based on locally grown, fresh produce, you will find plenty of freshness and flavor in every meal. Tex-Mex and Mexicali cuisines are exciting offshoots of traditional Mexican cuisine, but authentic Mexican recipes are especially distinctive and amazing.

Mexican Seasonings

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Cinco de Mayo 2016!


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Hi, I'm Christine, and I'm pleased to welcome you to I have endeavored to gather as many delicious South of the border recipes here for you, including Mexican-inspired as well as traditional Mexican, and also some Tex-Mex and Mexican fusion dishes. Food is very important to our family's lives and Mexican food is certainly a favorite around here.

We have everything from appetizers and snacks to soups, drinks, entrées, and much more. You will find everything from mild dishes to super-spicy ones, simple recipes based on fresh ingredients up to more complex ones suitable for a dinner party.

Home cooks just starting out with Mexican cooking tend to be surprised how much of the emphasis is placed on using fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices. Forget the typical ideas about Mexican food being all beans, cheese and beef (that applies a little more to Tex-Mex), take inspiration from authentic Mexican dishes based on fresh ingredients, and inject all your passion into cooking South of the border food, for perfect results every time.

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