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4 Cinco de Mayo Quick Facts

Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays everyone has heard of but a lot of people do not know all that much about. Ask someone to tell you a few facts about Thanksgiving or Christmas and they are a mine of information, but ask someone about Cinco de Mayo, and you will find there are lots of misunderstandings about this holiday. Some people even believe it is Mexico’s Independence Day. We have sourced four of the most interesting facts about Cinco de Mayo for you, so you can impress and educate everyone at the dinner table, or simply brush up on your knowledge.

Have you decided yet what you are going to make for Cinco de Mayo in your house? May we suggest a simple Mexican rice with vegetables side dish? This is something that will team equally well with tortilla-based dishes, chicken, meat, fish, seafood, or even a vegetarian platter. Mexican rice, which is also known as Spanish rice, can be tailored and tweaked to fit whatever you want to put in there or what you have in the refrigerator. This economical dish can be made for a crowd if you have a big enough pan to cook it in, and the leftovers are good too.

Some people like to offer a buffet table of tapas style dishes, so everyone can take what they like and mix and match. This gives your guests a chance to taste a range of Mexican foods instead of having just one entrée, and if you pick some make-ahead dishes too, you can prepare everything without feeling rushed. A lot of cold appetizers can be made ahead and then just kept in the refrigerator until it is time to eat, and the same would apply to salads or other dishes which do not have to be hot. If you are cooking a lot, plan something slow-cooked too, so you can let it cook itself and focus on the other recipes.

So how well do you know Cinco de Mayo? Is it a big holiday where you are, or do you live somewhere without much of a Mexican population? Because there are no set foods for this holiday, you do not have to worry about finding a Latin grocery store and stocking up on anything in particular. Instead, take your time deciding on an appealing range of south of the border dishes, get the ingredients well in advance, then take your time making the food, perhaps even getting the kids to lend a hand to make it more fun. The food is of course one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday!

4 Cinco de Mayo Quick Facts


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