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5 Steps to a Wonderful Cinco de Mayo Party

Planning a party is not difficult if you have a plan and you are organized about everything. Unless you are just feeding the family or having 1 or 2 extra people over, you will want to write a list of what you want to cook, then you can work out which ingredients you need to buy. You can get most, or all, of the ingredients at a regular grocery store, unless you require something special in which case you might need to visit a Latin market instead. But you will be surprised how many recipes do not require special ingredients which are hard to get.

This is largely because many south of the border recipes are built around meat, poultry or fish, along with fresh produce, so if you can get meat and vegetables, you already have the main ingredients for the dish. Some recipes allow you to decide which cheese, for example, you are going to use, or what kind of chili peppers. Perhaps you cannot find queso blanco at your local grocery store, in which case you have the option of using something else or going to Mexican food market if there is one nearby. Use your imagination and replace any ingredients you do not have or like, to get perfect results.

If you are completely stuck and you have no ideas about what to make, try breaking the meal down into 5 courses, then you might find an appetizer, soup or chili, salad, entrée, and dessert which come into your mind immediately. Consider dessert, for example. Perhaps you want to prepare a make-ahead dessert such as coconut flan or Mexican banana pudding with rum. Then how about chili? You could make a white chicken chili or traditional beef chili in the crockpot. That is 2 of your 5 options decided already. Grab a pen and paper and you can make some notes about what else you want to prepare.

If you always find yourself making the same Mexican dishes, why not take this opportunity to try something brand new. If your family usually gets beef chili every Thursday night, why not try a while chicken chili instead to see how different they are? If you usually order shrimp fajitas whenever you eat at your local Tex-Mex restaurant, try making your own fajitas at home to see how they compare. There are so many incredible south of the border recipes to try, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect holiday to try your hand at something completely different and find another jewel in the crown of this classic cuisine.

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Cinco de Mayo 2016!


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