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Fascinating Mexican Dessert Articles

If you have already tried some delicious Mexican dessert recipes, perhaps you are wondering how Mexican dessert dishes evolved and about the history of traditional Mexican desserts. How did chocolate become a dessert ingredient? Which dishes did the Mayas or the Aztecs invent which are still eaten today and which ingredients did they have access to?

How do you make a Mexican flan if you have never used a bain marie before? The answer to those questions plus more can be found in our Mexican dessert article section. Take a look and get a fascinating glimpse into the world of Mexican desserts from the Mayas to the Spanish conquistadors right up to today.

Tempting Mexican Sweet Treats

So how many Mexican desserts can you name? Flan is one of the most popular ones and most people have eaten it before. Something else which appears in a lot of Mexican dishes, at least the savory ones, is chocolate, so you might like to find out more about using chocolate in sweet recipes, and other ingredients that go nicely with it like vanilla and honey.

Dulce de leche, also known as cajeta, which is a caramel sauce, is also used in Mexican desserts and you can use it to top a cheesecake, pour it over ice cream or think of another use for it. Cajeta can be purchased from the store but it is very easy to make yourself. Tortillas can be used to make Mexican desserts, perhaps filled with cream cheese, fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar to make dessert quesadillas, or you can use them to wrap balls of ice cream before deep-frying them. Arroz con leche is Mexican rice pudding and that is also very good.

Tres leches cake is rich and hearty. If you are in the mood for something a bit lighter, perhaps after a large main dish, you might be interested to learn more about Mexican fruit recipes. These range from a cajeta drizzled fruit parfait to a plateful of seasoning fresh fruit. Ice cream and frozen desserts are as popular in Mexico as they are anywhere else, so why not try some authentic Mexican ice cream or learn how to make Mexican popsicles?

Atole de fresa is a strawberry soup recipe which is well loved south of the border, and although this might sound strange if you are not used to dessert soups, it is really refreshing. These are just a few of the dessert styles covered by our Mexican dessert articles, so whether you are trying to glean more information about a specific dessert or simply learn more about Mexican sweet treats, you might wish to browse our selection of articles.



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