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Mexican Food Glossary Mexican Food A – B

A Comprehensive Guide to Mexican Food Types

Below you will find a comprehensive guide to Mexican food types and Mexican food terms. Our Mexican food glossary is designed for the non-Spanish speaking person who wants to cook award-winning Mexican food recipes but is finding it hard to figure out the many Spanish terms.

This guide will help you make sense of it all complete with phonetic English spellings and annunciation spellings after every term to help you pronounce all the terms you need to make wonderful Mexican recipes in your own home.

We hope this makes it easier for you and you try some of those wonderfully delicious Mexican foods you were scared to try before because you could not figure out the Spanish terms. The list is alphabetical so it should be quick and easy to find what you are looking for.

On this page you can see Mexican foods from A to B, everything from achiote, a spicy paste found in the Yucatan, to burritos, a dish you are sure to already know. If you are beginning your journey into Mexican food and you wish to familiarize yourself with the ingredients, it makes sense to begin on this page, and keep reading until you get to the end.

That way you already have a head start in understanding Mexican food terms, and you will also be able to find your way around a Latin food market better, or at least ask for the items you need.

There are Mexican recipes for every taste, but when you do encounter an ingredient you are unfamiliar with it is easy just to skip that recipe and find another, but it is well worth finding out more about the ingredient in question because then you will be able to source the ingredients for any of our dishes and make the most authentic Mexican food.

Mexican Food A – B

(ah-chee-oh-tay): – A Yucatan style paste made from spices, ground annatto seeds and vinegar or lime juice.

(ah-doh-bo): – A chili based, smoky flavored sauce with onions, spices, garlic and tomato.

(al-bon-dee-gas): – Meatballs.

Al Carbón
(al car-bon): – Any kind of meat cooked over wood coals or charcoal.

Al Pastor
(al pass-tor): – Any kind of meat cooked Middle Eastern style over a spit.

(ah-na-hime): – Long thin chilies used for making chile rellenos.

(ahn-cho): – A dried poblano chili.

Annatto Seeds
(ah-nah-toh seeds): – Small ground seeds used to make achiote paste.

(ah-sah-dah): – Broiled or roasted.

(ah-gah-vay): – A plant native to Mexico with flat, wide leaves that are pointy on the ends. The heart is used to make good quality tequila.

(bar-bah-coh-ah): – Meat, usually wrapped in cactus or banana leaves, cooked over an underground pit.

(boh-lee-yo): – A crispy, coarse, bobbin shaped white bread roll.

(boh-rah-cho): – This word literally means drunk but is used for Mexican recipes where wine, beer or spirits are an ingredient.

(buh-ree-to): – A flour tortilla stuffed with ingredients.

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