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Mexican Food Glossary Mexican Food F – J

A Comprehensive Guide to Mexican Food Types

This guide to Mexican food was written for everyone, so whether you are brand new to cooking Mexican dishes or someone who has experimented with Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking, you are sure to find it useful, either for looking something up or simply perusing what we have.

Whether you speak Spanish fluently, a little, or not at all, there are ingredients you will stumble across, and recipe names too, which you might not necessarily know unless you know the ingredient or dish in question. Some Mexican words are different than mainland Spanish ones too.

Hopefully this glossary will aid you in making sense of the Mexican terms, and we have included phonetic English spellings and also let you know how to pronounce certain words, so you will know how to ask for them in a Latin food store.

This alphabetical list is easy to use and we have included everything we can think of, to assist you either looking up ingredients or simply learn more about the ingredients we use and the names of Mexican dishes. If you are used to making Mexican food you will already know a lot of what is on here, but perhaps you can also find some new interesting information.

This page shows foods from F to J, everything from flauta, which is the name of a meat-stuffed tortilla which is fried to crispy perfection, to jicama, a crunchy root vegetable popular in Mexican salads and other dishes.

Not only will you be able to find your way around a Latin food store armed with this handy glossary, but you will also glean a better understanding of the difference between various chili pepper types, what to use in the dishes you are making, and also what you may substitute if you cannot get the ingredient you were looking for.

Mexican Food F – J

(fah-hee-tas): – Grilled meat, fish, chicken or cheese on a corn or wheat tortilla.

(flow-tah): – A long flour or corn tortilla stuffed with chicken or beef then deep fried.

(free-ho-lays): – Beans, normally pinto, black, bayo or kidney beans.

(gwah-kah-moh-lay): – A dip made of mashed avocado, chili, onion, tomatoes, lime juice and spices, served with tortilla chips.

(gwah-hee-yo): – A medium hot dried chili.

Gusanos de Maguey
(goo-sah-nos day mag-way): – Worms that live in agave plants. Considered a Mexican delicacy when fried. Also found in mescal to denote the agave plant used.

(hah-bah-neh-roh): – The hottest Mexican chili pepper in existence.

(hah-ree-nah): – Flour.

(eh-lah-do): – Ice cream.

(or-chah-tah): – Soft drink with ground rice and water or melon seeds and juice.

(weet-lah-koh-chay): – A Mexican food delicacy. Smoky sweet flavored maize kernels.

(weh-soh): – Bone.

(weh-voh): – Egg.

(hah-lah-peh-nyo): – A medium hot chili pepper.

(hee-kah-mah): – A tasty, crunchy white root served sliced and sprinkled with chili powder and lime juice.

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