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Mexican Food Glossary Mexican Food L – N

A Comprehensive Guide to Mexican Food Types

Our Mexican food guide is both comprehensively written and interesting to browse. Written with people who do not speak Spanish in mind, you can either look up a specific ingredient or recipe name, and find out more about it. Even if you do speak Spanish there might still be culinary words you are not sure of.

If you find it hard to figure out all the Spanish terms used in Mexican recipes, this glossary will hopefully come to your aid. We have phonetic English spellings as well as how to pronounce these terms, which hopefully you will find really handy.

There are so many fantastic south of the border recipes for you to try, so do not be put off trying something just because you might be unclear about the recipe name or because you are not sure about what some of the ingredients are. That is the whole point of this glossary, to explain everything to anyone who is interested in this cuisine.

On this page you will find Mexican food terms from L to N, everything from langosta which is the Mexican word for lobster, to nopalitos, which are chopped prickly pear cactus leaves. Perhaps you have something in mind you are looking up or maybe you are browsing our Mexican food glossary, keen to learn some new cooking terms to assist you with making Mexican dishes.

Our glossary will hopefully give you a head start in understand terms and you will be able to find your way around a Mexican food store and also ask for the ingredients you need if you cannot find them yourself.

Mexican food suits every taste because it ranges from mild to spicy, creamy and comforting to piquant and exotic, sweet to savory, and there are dishes with fish, chicken, pork, beef, turkey, and vegetarian dishes, as well as beverages and desserts as well. There is something for absolutely everybody, and hopefully this glossary will help you in your Mexican culinary journey.

Mexican Food L – N

(lan-goh-stah): – Lobster

(leh-chay): – Milk

Leche Quemada
(leh-chay kay-mah-dah): – Burnt milk. Known also as cajeta.

(leh-choo-gah): – Lettuce.

(leh-gum-bray): – Vegetable.

(lee-kor): – Liquor.

(mah-ree-skos): – Seafood.

(mah-sah): – Dough made from ground cornmeal, water and lime. Used to make corn tortillas.

(meh-noo-doh): – Medium spiced, robust soup made from hominy, tripe, spices and onion.

(mess-kal): – Distilled liquor made from different kinds of agaves.

Mexican Salad:
– A tasty salad featuring Mexican ingredients such as ground beef, cheese, olives, onion and avocado.

Mexican Soup:
– A soup recipe including Mexican ingredients such as corn, chicken, cheese and chili pepper.

Mexican Torte:
– A Mexican sandwich served on crusty white bread known as bolillo.

Mojo de Ajo
(moh-ho day ah-ho): – Anything cooked in a garlic sauce.

(mohl-kah-heh-tay): – The stone mortar used to grind chili peppers for salsa recipes.

(moh-lay): – A dark sauce with nuts, fruit, spices, chili, chocolate, vegetables and seasonings.

(moh-yeh-tay): – A bolillo bread roll which is toasted and covered with refried beans, salsa and cheese.

(noh-gah-dah): – Sauce made from ground walnuts.

(noh-pah-lee-tos): – Prickly pear cactus leaves chopped up.

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