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Mexican Food Glossary Mexican Food P – Z

A Comprehensive Guide to Mexican Food Types

This handy Mexican food glossary offers a comprehensive look at the most commonly searched-for Mexican food terms, so whether you speak good Spanish, some Spanish, or no Spanish at all, you will be able to search this A to Z glossary and find the meaning of the word or term you are curious about.

Hopefully you will be able to make sense of all those south of the border ingredients and look up anything that piques your interest. This glossary will assist you in making the most wonderful and tasty Mexican recipes in your own kitchen.

We sincerely hope this gives you a head start in getting to grips with all these Mexican terms, even if you are simply browsing the glossary rather than looking for something in particular. You will be able to navigate your way around a Latin food store too, or ask someone where to find a certain ingredient, pronouncing it perfectly.

This is the last page in our glossary, and shows Mexican foods and terms from P to Z, or at least to V because we do not have any W, X, Y or Z terms yet! You will see everything from papadzules, which is a great example of authentic Mexican cuisine – a Yucatan dish with tortillas, pumpkin seeds and tomato sauce, right up to vino, which simply means wine.

You might be on this page because you are reading through the whole glossary, or perhaps you were looking for something in particular. You will also be able to head to a Latin food store and ask for precisely what you need.

Mexican food suits every palate because dishes range from mild to spicy, creamy and comforting to healthy and simple, and there are beverages, desserts, appetizers and more. This cuisine focuses on using fresh produce and building tasty meals around them. Whether you are brand new to Mexican cooking or you have more experience with it, hopefully you will find our glossary very useful.

Mexican Food P – Z

(pah-pah-dzoo-lays): – A Yucatan dish of stuffed corn tortillas topped with tomato sauce and pumpkin seeds.

(pah-see-yah): – Long, thin, dark chili pepper.

(pah-toh): – Duck.

(pah-voh): – Turkey.

(peh-pee-tas): – Unhulled pumpkin seeds for making mole verde.

(pih-nyoh-nays): – Pine nuts.

Pipian sauce
(pih-pee-yan sauce): – Sauce like mole made from ground pumpkin seeds or squash seeds and other nuts.

(poh-blah-no): – Dark green fresh chili pepper.

(poh-zoh-lay): – Medium spicy soup with chicken or pork, onion, spices and hominy.

(poh-stray): – Dessert.

(pul-kay): Fermented drink with agave. First used by the Mayans as a medicine.

(kay-sah-dee-yas): – Wheat, flour or corn tortillas stuffed with cheese.

Roasted Peppers:
– Roasted bell peppers or chili peppers.

(rohm-poh-pay): – A thick, sweet alcoholic drink with egg and vanilla.

(sahl-chee-chah): – Sausage.

(sahl-sah): – Sauce.

(san-gree-yah): – A Spanish drink made with wine, brandy, fruit juice, fruit and either Cointreau or Triple Sec.

(san-gree-tah): – An accompaniment to tequila made with orange juice, chili powder, grenadine and often tomato juice.

(seh-rah-no): – A small, green hot chili from northern Mexico.

(soh-pah): – Soup.

(tah-koh): – A fried corn tortilla, folded in half and stuffed with cheese, meat, lettuce, tomato and slasa. Can also be served soft, stuffed with various ingredients.

(tah-mah-lay): – Corn tortilla dough stuffed with meat, fruit or vegetables, wrapped in a corn husk and steamed.

(tah-kee-toh): – A small taco made with a corn tortilla, stuffed with meat, rolled up and fried. Like a miniature flauta.

(teh-kee-lah): – Liquor made from blue agave juice which only grown within a hundred miles of Guadalajara.

(tih-buh-ron): – Shark.

(toh-mah-tee-yo): – Like a small tomato, a flavorful fruit in the gooseberry family which is used in Mexican sauce recipes

(tor-tee-yah): – A thin, flat round unleavened bread. Made of harina for flour tortillas or masa for corn tortillas.

(tos-tah-dah): – A fried corn tortilla. Usually topped with meat, beans, lettuce, tomato and salsa.

(vee-noh): – Wine.

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