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Why a Mexican Food Glossary is Useful

If you are discovering the world of Mexican cuisine, you will find a Mexican food glossary very handy indeed. A lot of Mexican recipes are quite easy and you will already be familiar with the required ingredients, but there are some, which you might not know.

Authentic Mexican recipes are usually “authentic” because they use the correct ingredients. Whether that is a specific type of chili, an unusual Mexican vegetable, or a particular cut of meat, it is worth knowing a few basics before you start making Mexican recipes, just so you can make the traditional recipes taste as authentic as you can, and so you can make any necessarily ingredient substitutions with confidence.

How to Pronounce Mexican Words

Our Mexican food glossary has a pronunciation guide, which is useful if you are going to be asking for a certain ingredient in a Mexican grocery store, just so that you can be understood. Of course, there are some Mexican pronunciations you will already be familiar with.

There is a world of difference between a mole (a small, furry, burrowing mammal) and a spicy Mexican mole (pronounced moh-lay) sauce, even though the spellings are the same!

You do not need to learn Spanish to make Mexican recipes although there are probably more Mexican recipe websites in Spanish than in English so it might help if you are looking for something in particular or if you only know the Spanish name of a particular recipe.

However, a lot of ingredients, even those used to make traditional Mexican recipes, are widely available outside Mexico because of the recent surge in popularity of Mexican cuisine. Mexican food is slowly finding popularity around the world as more and more people make the discovery that Taco Bell is certainly, not what authentic Mexican food is all about!

Learn More About Mexican Dishes

Mexican cuisine is fun to prepare and great to eat, but your experience is much better if you have a good knowledge of Mexican ingredients and cooking methods before you begin. Looking up any unfamiliar ingredients or cooking methods in a Mexican food glossary will teach you new facts about Mexican food and keep you interested in this delicious cuisine.

Do not be put off making a recipe just because you do not understand what one of the ingredients is – look it up in our Mexican food glossary. The key to making traditional Mexican dishes is to use the best ingredients, the right food preparation techniques and the correct cooking methods, and a food glossary can explain some of these.

Authentic Mexican food is well worth making and if you have to look up a few things in a food glossary that will not take long. Too many people assume that the offerings of Tex Mex restaurants and Mexican fast food chains are all that Mexican food is about, which is a real shame because traditional Mexican food has so much to offer. If you enjoy flavorful food which is easy to prepare and nutritious too, you are going to be amazed at the wide variety of Mexican recipes that you can make.

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