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A Fascinating Glimpse at Mexico’s History

Whether you are interested in the history of Mexico in general or a timeline to show how its cuisine has evolved, there is no doubt that food is a big part of this history. There are fascinating tales to be learnt about the food, such as how chimichangas came to be known by that name and the history of enchiladas and how they evolved. As with any other cuisine, if you go back a few centuries there were a lot fewer staples that Mexicans could use to make recipes and this is how many of today’s most popular recipes came into being. Traditional ingredients like corn, chocolate, chicken and tomatoes have been incorporated with newer ones to make today’s classic local recipes.

The Evolution of the Food

Some people feel that Mexican food has evolved too much. Because Mexico is so vast, each region has its own popular dishes and there are also a lot of dishes enjoyed all over the country. The unfortunate thing however is that the food has been changed into something unrecognizable by the fast food industry, which means that many people assume that all Mexicans live on a diet of Taco Bell style food. Nothing could be more untrue and authentic dishes are known for their nutritional benefits, variety, and ease of preparation, as well as the incredible flavors.

Just about every cuisine in the world has evolved in terms of ingredients, cooking methods and the styles of the finishes dishes. Even a typical American dinner from the 1950s does not resemble a typical meal you might get today. Mexican food has evolved, but not in the way people might think, at least the ones who assume all traditional Mexican dishes are like what you get in Tex-Mex fast food joints.

Mexicans have always loved cooking with fresh produce, and of course those items are available today, just as they always have been, and thanks to modern transportation possibilities they have access to even more than ever before. There are hundreds of salsa recipes to choose from (about 150 on this site alone) these days, along with other combinations. Making mole sauce for a vegetarian is possible these days too. Once upon a time it would have to be served with vegetables to make it vegetarian-friendly, but these days you have Quorn, tofu, TVP, and various other options as the meat replacement.

A Word About Tex-Mex

Tex-Mex is the cuisine that came about when Mexican recipes met Anglo fare, and Tex-Mex restaurants date back to 1940 although the 1970s were when this cuisine started becoming really popular. Mexican food is delicious, as you know, and when it came together with American cuisine, a hybrid appeared, and this became known as Tex-Mex – not quite Mexican, not quite American, but a happy pairing of them both.

In the 1970s a lot of people were confused about Tex-Mex, assuming that was the type of food eaten south of the border, but when Diana Kennedy published her book ‘The Cuisines of Mexico’ in 1972, she made it clear what the differences between Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex cuisine were. These days you can find Tex-Mex restaurants all over the world, along with Mexican restaurants, and people have a better understanding between the differences between these cuisines, although both are of course delicious and well worth cooking and eating.


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