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Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico is a fascinating country and whether you are planning a vacation there, enjoy eating Mexican recipes or if you are simply curious to learn a few fun facts about Mexico and Mexican people, read on. There are many interesting facts about Mexico, perhaps some of which are new to you.

Fun Facts About Mexico

You probably already know that Mexico’s currency is the peso and that Mexico introduced chocolate to the world, but did you know that each color on the Mexican flag has a meaning? The green stands for victory and hope, the white means purity, and the red refers to bloodshed.

The main industries of the country include food and beverages, chemicals, steel, iron, petroleum, tobacco, tourism and mining. The country is also the largest producer of salt in the world. Beans, coffee, tomatoes, corn, rice, and fruit are the main agricultural products.

Mexican Geography

Mexico City is the biggest city in the world and Mexico is the third biggest country in Latin America after Argentina and Brazil. The country is divided into thirty-one states. The ancient city of Tenochtitlan, which was the original site of Mexico City, was destroyed by the Spanish settlers in the early sixteenth century. Hernando Cortez conquered the Aztecs with a few horses and less than two hundred soldiers.

Mexico is composed of coastal lowlands, mountains up to eighteen thousand feet and central highlands. The climate is tropical to desert and Mexico covers an area of seven hundred and sixty one thousand, six hundred square miles, making it three times the size of Texas. The country spans four different time zones.

There are numerous volcanoes in Mexico’s Central Highlands and you can see two of them from Mexico City, one of which smokes sometimes. There is a tiny volcano in Mexico with a staircase inside. This is only forty-three feet tall. Mexico also experiences frequent earthquakes.

Mexican People

Mexico is the highest populated Spanish speaking country in the world. Seventy six percent of Mexicans live in the cities and a lot emigrate from the more rural areas to seek work. Eighty nine percent of Mexicans claim to be Roman Catholic.

Mexican children have their mother’s maiden name and their father’s last name in their name, in order to preserve both families’ heritage. It used to be a custom for the father to weave a God’s eye when the child was born and weave another every year for the first five years of the child’s life, as this was believed to keep the child safe.

The main food crop grown in Mexico is corn and fifty percent of cultivated land in Mexico is devoted to this crop. The Indians were eating corn about ten thousand years ago in the central and southern Mexico regions. They were growing corn since about five thousand BC.

Mexican Wildlife

Did you know that there are fifty species of hummingbirds as well as numerous species of pelicans to be found in Mexico? If you like bird watching, perhaps you would enjoy a vacation there. The biggest bullfighting ring in the world can also be found in Mexico.

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