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Mexico City – A Vibrant and Fascinating Place

Mexico City, Mexico, is well worth a visit. As well as the excellent food that you can sample there, there is plenty to see and do. Mexico City is the biggest city in the country and also the country’s capital city. The city was built in 1325 by the Aztecs, who called it Tenochtitlan. The municipality was established in 1524 and the name was changed to “Mexico City” in 1585.

This city was built on a series of canals and lakes, which were drained afterwards. Since this time, the pumping of underground water for the city’s residents coupled with the naturally soft ground means that a lot of Mexico’s heartland is sinking about seven inches a year.

What is the Elevation of Mexico City?

Mexico City is 7347 feet above sea level. It has a subtropical highland climate because of the tropical location as well as the fact that its elevation is very high.

Mexico City Population

If you are wondering what is the population of Mexico City, the answer is that is 2009 the population was estimated to be almost nine million people. The land area is five hundred and seventy three square miles. This means that Mexico City is the biggest metropolitan area in all of the Americas.

Things to Do There

Mexico City, MexicoThe Castillo de Chapultepec is a very well preserved castle and there are some fascinating exhibits that you can browse. There are also some amazing volcano and mountain views so take your camera. You can either climb the hill to get to the castle or take the train. If you do enjoy architecture, the metropolitan cathedral is also well worth a visit.

Xochimilco is a great place to visit and you can rent a boat and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. This peaceful area feels like it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, so it is a nice day trip if you fancy a quiet day away from it all.


No trip to Mexico City is complete without sampling some delicious local food! A lot of restaurants open for breakfast but bear in mind that some of the best food you can get is eaten standing up at a street stall. Why not try a torta, which is a toasted sandwich with any filling from fish to marinated pork or vegetables and cheese?

There are plenty of places to eat in the Zona Rosa but the place does get very busy at the weekends. This was the gastronomical epicenter of the city at one point until other neighborhoods started to emerge and compete. There are traditional food restaurants and international ones in the Zona Rose so you can take your pick of cuisines.

Polanco offers plenty of choice if you are looking for fine dining and you can try some “nueva cocina mexicana” (new Mexican cuisine) here. The Centro Historico area offers everything from cozy neighborhood restaurants right up to fine dining. There are also lots of taco strands on the street between the Alameda Central Park and the Zocalo Square. You certainly will not go hungry if you are in Mexico City!

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