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Some Famous People from Mexico

How many famous people from Mexico can you think of? For a start, there is Guadalupe Victoria. He was the first president there and was in office from 1824 until 1829. This republican president overthrew the Emperor Iturbide and established Mexico as independent. He helped to abolish slavery and founded a military academy. This revolutionary died in 1843 and Guadalupe Victoria is thought of as Mexico’s national hero.

Alfonso Garcia Robles was born on March 20, 1911 and this famous politician diplomat was a delegate at the San Francisco conference of 1945, at which the United Nations was set up. He was Brazil’s ambassador for two years and was then made the state secretary to the minister of foreign affairs. Robles represented Mexico in the United Nations for four years. Along with Alva Myrdal from Sweden, Robles received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1982.

Octavio Paz was born on March 31, 1914, and was a diplomat, poet, and author. Paz was raised by his aunt, mother, and paternal grandfather. He spent a lot of his childhood reading the books in his grandfather’s well-stocked library. He published a pair of poetry anthologies in his teenage years and worked in a school for peasants’ sons in 1937, after abandoning his law studies to do this. Paz won the Nobel Prize for literature and other awards. He is one of the most noted literary figures.

There are plenty of other famous people from Mexico too, proving that this country is not only famous for its fantastic cuisine!

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