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When Did Mexico Gain Independence from Spain?

Towards the end of the eighteenth century, the citizens in New Spain started to rebel against the government because they resented the Spanish control of the high offices and they objected to the economic and political reforms which the Spanish had initiated to modernize the colony. The Creoles (the Spanish born into the new world) also wanted to be the custodians of the Spanish monarchy and they were in disagreement with many of the liberal ideas coming from France and the United States.

Supported by the Indians and Indian-Spanish, the Creoles began a revolution for independence, which was fought until 1821. When Napoleon III announced his brother Joseph Bonaparte to be the King of Spain, the independence movement kicked off properly. The Creoles formed an army and wanted to renounce their allegiance to the Spanish.

Hidalgo and “El Grito”

Just before dawn on September 16, 1810, a Creole priest from Guanajuato called Hidalgo ordered the Spanish citizens in the area to be arrested. He rang the church bell and made a declaration, which is known as “el grito” and reenacted every year on the night of September 15. Mexican Independence Day is a two-day celebration, taking place on September 15 and 16. Hidalgo was actually captured and executed by the Spanish before Mexico gained its independence.

So, in answer to the question when did Mexico gain its independence from Spain, the independence was declared on September 16, 1810 but was not actually gained until September 27, 1821. A lot of people assume that Spanish and Mexican recipes are very similar but this is certainly not the case and Mexico and Spain have diverged a lot from each other in the past couple of centuries.

South of the Border Style Celebrations

So how would a Mexican celebrate Independence Day? As you probably know already, Mexicans love to party, and they love to cook, eat, drink, and make merry. September 16 is one of the best days of the year for a party south of the border, because everyone is going to be in a great mood. Mexicans will open a bottle of their best tequila and have a few shots to get the party started.

They will then put the music on, start dancing and showing off their mariachi skills, and take care of the guests, ensuring everyone is happy and has plenty to eat and drink. Mexicans will remember the heroes of Mexican independence and honor their country’s national symbols. Dinner time will roll around and out come all those wonderful Mexican dishes which everyone will dive into and enjoy. The national anthem will be sung loudly and proudly, and there will be shouts of ‘viva Mexico!’ and plenty of fun and laughter.

Famous in the Entertainment Industry

Cesar Milan is from Mexico, and you might have seen him on ‘Dog Whisperer’. Other TV stars from Mexico which you might know include Eugenio Derbez, David Zepeda, Ana Brenda Contreras, Diego Boneta, Sara Ramirez, Lupito Nyongo, Zuria Vega, Jorge Blanco, Maite Perroni, and Salma Hayek. Famous Mexican musicians include Tony Perry, Carlos Santana, Paulina Rubio, Eiza Gonzales, Vicente Fernandez, Luz Rios, Dulce Maria, Anahi, Danna Paola, Larry Hernandez, and Lucero. Most of these are well known on both sides of the border, perhaps the best-known being Cesar Milan, Salma Hayek, and Carlos Santana.

Famous People in Mexican History

Every Mexican knows at least a little about Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador who lived from 1485 until 1547 and conquered native populations in the Caribbean. After that he landed on the Mexican mainland in 1519 with 600 men, and his sights firmly set on the Aztec empire. The troops marched inland, and made friends with Aztec vassal states en route.

They then reached, Tenochtitlán, the capital of the Aztec lands, and Cortés was able to take the city without so much as a battle. Cortés captured Emperor Montezuma, and held the city until his men upset the local population and made them revolt. In 1521, Cortés took the city once again. He managed to hold on to it this time and served as the first Governor of New Spain. He died a rich man and is one of the most famous Mexicans who ever lived.

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