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Useful and Traditional Mexican Cooking Utensils

It is possible to create Mexican foods without using traditional Mexican cooking utensils but you might have more fun in the kitchen if you do use them. Authentic Mexican cooking utensils help to lend a distinctive flavor and texture to the Mexican food you are preparing.

The Most Popular Mexican Cooking Utensils

There are some cooking utensils, which are handy but not essential in a Mexican kitchen, and there are others, which no self-respecting Mexican cook would admit to being without. Rather than using a food processor or a chopping board for cutting up chilies, onions and tomatoes, for example, a Mexican would use a molcajete and tejolote, which is an abrasive rock mortar and pestle. These are great for extracting the intense flavors of the herbs, spices, and other ingredients.

A hand grinder called a Molino de maiz is used for dried corn. A tortilla press is used to flatten dough into tortillas. Mexicans use cast iron griddles, called Comals, for making tortillas. These can also be used for charring sauce ingredients or as a hot plate for serving fajitas. You can get steel Comals too.

Iron steamers for heating tamales are also found in most Mexican kitchens. A palote is a rolling pin and these are used for rolling out pasty for empanadas or other tasty Mexican snacks.

Mexicans use cazuelas, which are shallow pottery dishes, for simmering sauces such as mole. A cazuela is glazed inside, brightly colored outside and is usually rounded like a bowl. The clay used to make the dish gives a great earthy flavor to Mexican recipes.

Mexicans love sweet drinks, especially hot chocolate, and they use a small whisk-like stirrer called a molinillo to froth warm drinks. Before the eighteenth century, Mexicans used to froth their drinks by pouring them from one cup to another. You rub a molinillo between your palms to use it and the twisting action makes froth on top of your drink. Even though molinillos have been around for hundreds of years, they are still used widely today, like many other Mexican culinary inventions.

Modern Mexican Kitchenware

Newer Mexican cookware includes the dry roasting grill, which fits on the stovetop to roast chilies, bell peppers, and fresh vegetables. You can use it for warming meat, fish or tortillas too. Chili seeders and chili core removers are quite a new addition to the Mexican kitchen too. These have a knife handle and a curved blade, which can strip all the seeds out with one stroke. You can also get nopales knives, which are for removing cactus thorns safely.

Cooking is something that Mexican people understand and respect. The clever usage of herbs, spices and fresh produce is what makes Mexican recipes stand out from the rest and Mexicans are rightly proud of their culinary heritage and how their food has evolved since the Aztec and Mayan times.

Traditional recipes are very dear to Mexican hearts and using traditional Mexican cooking utensils to prepare these beloved dishes helps to keep traditional alive. Authentic Mexican recipes deserve to be called authentic when they have been prepared with the right equipment.

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