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Mouthwatering Mexican Seafood and Mexican Fish Recipes

Mexico is a large country and it has plenty of coastline as well as rivers and streams for fishing. Mexican seafood meals and Mexican seafood soup are especially popular in the area of Vera Cruz. This is a tropical area, which runs along the Gulf of Mexico and spans a strip of lowlands.

Grouper, mojarra, red snapper, snook, shrimp, and other crustaceans are used in Mexican fish recipes. Lobster, oysters, and crab are also enjoyed and not restricted to people with a huge budget like in some other countries.

Efficient cooling systems and rapid transportation make Mexican seafood something, which is available all over the country, rather than just in the coastal areas.

A lot of people are surprised that Mexican seafood is so popular and, in some parts of Mexico, a Mexican style seafood soup is more common than a chicken or beef casserole. Perhaps you have visited the area and tried a Mexican dish with seafood cooked on the beach in a large pot or sampled the very best Mexican seafood cocktail recipe.

Mexican cuisine is very diverse and Mexicans instinctively know how to make any dish taste great, whether it is meat, fish, seafood, a vegetarian Mexican recipe, or a dessert.

Types of Mexican Seafood

Lent, which is a meatless time of year in many Catholic countries, is an especially popular time in Mexico for Mexican seafood recipes. People line up throughout Semana Santa (Holy Week) to buy the fresh ingredients necessary for their favorite Mexican fish recipes and Mexican seafood dishes.

Mexico is actually a nation of seafood fans and you might be surprised at the amount of Mexican seafood recipes there are.

Mexican seafood soup is especially well loved throughout Mexico and this flavorful dish is also popular with visiting tourists.

Other Mexican seafood dishes such as shrimp stuffed chilies, baked whole fish and Mexican seafood cocktail are classic dishes, which are simple to prepare, healthy and wonderfully flavored.

Authentic Mexican Seafood Cocktail

If you think about shrimp cocktail you probably picture a crisp bed of lettuce, plump pink shrimp and a marie rose sauce on top, but a Mexican seafood cocktail prepared in the traditional way is different.

A mixture of spiced clam juice and tomato juice is used for the broth and avocado, crab and shrimp are other ingredients in this flavorful dish. Some Mexican seafood cocktails are very spicy but many serve the hot sauce on the side because not everyone likes very spicy dishes.

Chopped raw onion is also used in Mexican seafood cocktail and this tasty dish is best served in clear glass dishes so all the ingredients are visible. This is an easy Mexican recipe to prepare and once you have the ingredients ready you simply combine everything and chill the mixture.

Delicious, Nutritious Mexican Seafood Soup

Caldo de mariscos, or Mexican seafood soup, is very famous in Mexico and this delicious concoction of fish broth, shrimp, crab claws, fish fillets, onion, tomato, herbs, garlic and more is packed with flavor and a dish that any seafood lover could easily fall in love with.

Every cook and restaurant has their own version of Mexican seafood soup and it can be made with whichever kinds of fish and seafood are available.

The people who claim not to like Mexican food are those who are only familiar with Taco Bell and poor quality Tex Mex meals. Real Mexican cuisine is so vast that there is a Mexican food recipe for everybody.

Whether you like fish, meat, vegetables, spicy food, sweet food, plain food or something else there is a delicious Mexican recipe you can make. Mexican seafood though is certainly one of the nicest areas of Mexican cuisine and a Mexican seafood dish is always a special one.

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