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The Most Famous Mexican Foods

There are definitely some foods that spring to mind whenever we think of south of the border recipes. For example, enchiladas, tacos, tamales, and nachos are all well-known foods which most of us have sampled at one time or another. These can be called famous foods because they are known about and eaten all over the world.

However, what about pozole, which is a traditional pork and hominy soup, or romeritos, which are dried, shrimp patties? There are lots of delicious meals which most people have never even heard of but that applies to just about any cuisine so it is always good to find a comprehensive list of recipes you can make, including both famous Mexican foods and the ones which are not so well known.

Also, if you go on vacation to Mexico, the tourist menus in restaurants and the buffet in your hotel are not the same foods as the locals would be eating, which is why it is nice that these recipes are so easy to find. With our recipes, you can make your own traditional food at home.

Popular Dishes

Enchiladas are one of the most famous Mexican foods and you will find these on any menu, as well as in many places throughout the United States. To make an enchilada, a corn tortilla is heated in oil and then dipped in enchilada sauce. The enchilada is then stuffed with anything from chicken to eggs to beans to vegetables. The enchilada sauce makes use of the locally grown Mexican chili peppers and is quite spicy.

Tamales are also a popular food and these consist of steam-cooked masa (corn dough or hominy), which are filled or unfilled. Fillings can include cheese, meats and sliced chilies. Tamales are usually wrapped in plantain leaves or cornhusks before cooking.

Tacos are a traditional food. These are made with a wheat or maize tortilla, which is rolled or folded around a filling. Tacos are very versatile and fillings can include pretty much any fish, shellfish, meat, cheese, or vegetable combination. Tacos are usually eaten with the hands and they are served with vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, tomato, cilantro, or onion and a garnish such as tomato salsa.

Nachos are a good example of a popular snack food and they originated in Mexico. Nachos are tortilla chips and are often covered in melted cheese. These can also be served with sliced jalapeño peppers, tomato slices, and sour cream and tomato salsa.

Making Your Own Dishes

A lot of people have never tried making Mexican food at home before but it is well worth trying because a lot of the recipes are very simple and the ingredients are easy to find. It is good to remember that different people like different spice levels so if you are making a spicy dish you might want to leave out some of the chili and serve chili sauce on the table so the people who like it hotter can add more chili to their own. It is commonly thought that all their food is spicy but this is a myth and there are plenty of milder flavored authentic dishes to choose from too.

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