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The Popularity of Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipes

Salsa varies from area to area in Mexico, depending on the available fresh ingredients and the local tastes. The word “salsa” is Spanish for sauce, although when the word is used, we normally think of tomato salsa.

In the United States, salsa is usually considered a fresh, chunky mixture containing mainly tomatoes. Salsa can be made with either fresh or cooked ingredients. You can also use smoked or roasted ingredients to make it. Authentic Mexican salsa recipes range from mild to very hot and salsa is really versatile. It is very simple to prepare and you can make homemade salsa recipes in minutes.

How to Serve Salsa

Mexican salsa is often served as a spread for quesadillas, tacos and fajitas or as a dip for pita bread, crackers, tortilla chips, raw vegetables and breadsticks. It is not limited to Mexican food either. Of course, it does suit the flavor of Mexican food but you can also use salsa to give a Mexican touch to any other meal. If you are making a seafood recipe, for example, or grilling a piece of fish, what about making a fruity salsa to accompany it?

You might like to serve a selection of dips with tortilla chips or potato chips and salsa can be one of the dips, perhaps alongside hummus and a creamy dip for example. Salsa is instantly recognizable because of its color and texture and nearly everybody has tried it. Unfortunately, a lot of people have only tasted readymade salsa from a jar rather than delicious homemade salsa recipes. Authentic Mexican salsa recipes are so quick and easy to make. Once you have learnt how to make salsa you will always want to prepare your own because it tastes so much nicer than the store-bought type.

Different Kinds of Salsa

Sometimes the tomatoes and chilies in a salsa recipe can be charred or grilled. This gives a delicious smoky flavor to the salsa. The basic salsa ingredients are tomatoes, chilies, onion, salt and pepper but there are hundreds of variations on this basic recipe. Cilantro, garlic, bell peppers, lime juice, and jalapenos are popular in many authentic Mexican salsa recipes and you can either chop the ingredients by hand for a rustic look or use a food processor or blender.

You can get black bean and corn salsa, green olive salsa and many other types. Try experimenting with flavors once you have mastered a few basic salsa recipes. Let your taste buds guide you. You can add more lemon or lime juice for tanginess, more salt for saltiness, a little sugar for sweetness or some fresh herbs for flavor. Freshly made salsa is beautiful with many dishes and a spoonful of salsa enhances many dishes from a simple salad to huevos rancheros or a plate of enchiladas.

The popularity of authentic Mexican salsa recipes is on the rise, as more and more people find out what traditional Mexican recipes are all about and discover that Mexican cuisine is perfect for anyone who loves fresh ingredients, well balanced flavors and plenty of versatility in their cooking. Salsa is a key Mexican condiment, whether you enjoy it with corn chips or serve it with your favorite meat or fish recipe.

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