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The Regional Fare of the Many Mexican Regions

Mexican foods and recipes change by geographic region, it all depends on each region’s physical landscape and climate, along with its cultural differences. The food well-liked in the south of Mexico comprises an abundance of chicken, vegetables and fruit, while in the north of Mexico food features a lot of animal protein. In the state of Vera Cruz, many of the authentic and traditional dishes include seafood.

Vera Cruz is a tropical region that spans a long narrow strip of lowlands and runs up along the Gulf of Mexico, which translates into a lot of fish and shellfish such as grouper, red snapper, mojarra and snook are commonly, on hand plus others like shrimp and other crustaceans. In this region, Mojarra is especially prized. Other seafood like crab, oysters, and lobsters are plentiful too.

In addition to the marine area, Vera Cruz also has over forty rivers and streams that run through it. Vera Cruz has a never-ending quantity of freshwater fish and shellfish. Food is made in a manor that reproduces exceptional meals that are completely unique to the state and nowhere else. The influence of the sea produces and adds to the taste of recipes like no other area.

You can find out a lot of history and details regarding this cuisine by discovering the diverse differences in the many different states. Trying new recipes will give you a taste as to why they vary. With a culture rich in history, it is always nice to learn about how the foods came about and how they are in our time. Once you are informed about the dishes, it makes it even more pleasurable when cooking and eating them in your own home.

Mexican States and Food Regions


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A picture of the many different states and regions of Mexico. This is a very varied climatic country from deep jungle to arid desert from seaside to mountainous landscapes. This offers a wide verity in fresh food supply and a culinary smorgasbord of tasty delights you will love exploring. Each region has its own specialty and these differ as much as the beautiful landscape of this divers country. It would take numerous trips just begin to discover these taste sensations. We have tried to bring this to life in the pages of this website through many articles and the vast array of recipes.

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