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Mexican Holidays

Mexican Holidays and Fantastic Fiesta Food

There is no doubt that eating and drinking are a bit part of the holidays. What would a Mexican fiesta be without vibrantly colored, traditional, and authentic foods? Some fiesta food is made only during the holidays because these recipes are more fiddly than other recipes. Tamales are a good example of this. They are delicious but take longer to make that a lot of other foods, hence they are often made in bulk around fiesta time. It is nice to reserve special recipes for the holidays because it gives people something special to look forward to.

The Best Recipes for Fiesta Time

The holidays are a time when people like to indulge in their favorite foods and, of course, this varies from person to person. If you are catering for a Cinco de Mayo party or another fiesta, you might like to have a buffet, in which case you can make a variety of traditional dishes. There are lots of foods which you can make ahead, such as salsas and salads, so decide on a few make ahead dishes, to give you time to make the other ones. A crockpot chili is another good idea. Make some sweet recipes for the holidays too, if you like, such as sweet bread or fruit-filled empanadas.

Different Food for Different Occasions

It is often nice to make something special for everyone in the family but it really depends how much time you have available, which is why the fact most fiestas have no set foods is good, because it means you have complete freedom over which recipes you are going to prepare and if you already know you are not going to have much time available on the day of the fiesta, you can browse recipes which may be prepared in advance and stick with those, perhaps making one or two other dishes on the big day.

The occasion you are celebrating might affect the menu, so perhaps you will want to make different foods if the fiesta is in the winter, for example, more hot foods than chilled snacks maybe. Also, if you are making recipes for a Mexican Christmas meal, these are going to differ from Cinco de Mayo food, for example.

There are no fixed rules though and the most important thing about a fiesta is to have fun and enjoy what you have cooked, so pick out what everyone likes and you cannot go wrong. All Mexican food is great, so the biggest problem you are likely to face is being able to pick out just a few dishes and narrow the options down because you cannot make every Mexican recipe.

Get the Family Involved

Sometime else which is nice about Mexican fiestas is that many of them are family-oriented, so do not be afraid to ask for help in the kitchen if another pair of hands is going to make a difference. As well as the company you will be able to delegate tasks to the younger members of the family and that is educational for them as well as being fun. Catering for a huge event means a lot of planning and you might even want to enlist the help of other family members of friends who are going to attend, so they can make some of the dishes at their house.


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