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Colorful and Festive Cinco de Mayo Costumes

People celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a lot of different ways; but of course, Mexican food is always part of the festivities, whether you’re marking the holiday in Mexico, in the United States, or in one of the many other countries in the world where this occasion is commemorated in one way or another.

Parades, performances, and parties are the order of the day, with many people choosing to wear some manner of Cinco de Mayo costumes to highlight the festivities. Since the holiday is of course Mexican in origin, the costumes you will see on Cinco de Mayo revelers tend to be themed accordingly.

Many people decide to go with historically inspired Cinco de Mayo costumes, choosing uniforms reminiscent of either the Mexican or French soldiers who fought in the Battle of Puebla (note: Cinco de Mayo is not, as many believe, Mexico’s Independence Day, but rather the anniversary of a victory over the invading French army in 1862). These types of costumes are traditional for Cinco de Mayo, being worn by the participants in the annual reenactment of the Battle of Puebla held in Mexico City on this holiday.

Others prefer to keep their Cinco de Mayo costumes more lighthearted in nature, preferring to go with the serape and sombrero combination or a traditional Mexican folk dancer’s dress. These are among the most popular choices of costumes for this holiday, though other styles of costume are quickly catching up – but these will likely always remain among the favorite style of Cinco de Mayo costumes.

There are also many costumes on the market now, which are outright humorous, such as taco, burrito, and margarita costumes. Dressing up as a sandwich or a drink isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who prefer to turn heads and get a laugh from Cinco de Mayo partiers, these costumes are one option to think about.

If you would rather wear something a little more down to earth, there are plenty of other choices. If you happen to live in a city with a large Latino (especially Mexican) population, then there are more than likely shops, which cater to this, demographic. For men, there are guyaberas (a casual short sleeved shirt) and for women, plenty of quinceanara dresses to choose from. Another option, which is appropriate for both genders, is western wear, which is as popular on the Mexican side of the border as it is in Texas.

However, you decide to dress for Cinco de Mayo or even if you choose to forgo Cinco de Mayo costumes this year, the important thing is to have fun with friends and family; and of course, enjoy plenty of Mexican food and drink!

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