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Some Other Interesting and Fun Activities For Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a bit like Saint Patrick’s Day in that people tend to take up the holiday, celebrating it with gusto whether or not they happen to be Irish (or Mexican, in this case). This celebration of the Mexican victory in 1862’s Battle of Puebla is celebrated widely in the United States, both by people of Mexican origin and by well, everyone else.

The holiday is celebrated in a variety of ways, with typical activities for Cinco de Mayo including parades, festivals – and of course, Mexican food and beverages often take center stage on the fifth of May. Many Cinco de Mayo celebrations center around food; and as awareness of the diversity of Mexican cuisine increases in the US and other countries around the world, there are an ever increasing number of options for those who want to lend a little more authenticity to their own Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Other than food (which is of course an important part of this holiday), Mexican music is a must at any Cinco de Mayo party, parade or other holiday event. Mariachi music is a very popular choice, though many also choose to play salsa, tejano, meringue or other musical genres, which are popular in Mexico and strongly associated with the country.

With music of course, comes dancing; which is one of the most common activities for Cinco de Mayo parties. Mexican and Tex-Mex dance forms such as the polka-influenced dances associated with Tejano music, indigenous pre-Columbian folk dances and modern salsa and meringue dance are all popular choices. Even if you do not know the steps for these dances, having some music on hand which hails from south of the border is always a good idea.

Parades are also very popular activities for Cinco de Mayo, with parades held in Mexico City and in Puebla; and if you’re lucky enough to be able to be in Mexico City on May 5th, there is even a recreation of the Battle of Puebla held annually in the city’s Penon de los Banos neighborhood, which is not to be missed. Parades are also held in many cities in the United States including Chicago, San Antonio, and Portland, Oregon, among others. If you happen to live in a city with a sizable Mexican population, then there may well be a parade or other Cinco de Mayo activities going on where you live – be sure to check your local newspapers for details on these events.

Whether you decide to watch a parade, attend a Mexican dance or music performance or just stay in and serve a Mexican meal to family and friends, there are many activities for Cinco de Mayo to choose from.

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