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Fun and Hearty Cinco de Mayo Food

Cinco de Mayo, which is Spanish for May 5, is a regional holiday in Mexico. The holiday is held in commemoration of the initial Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. This date is observed at various locations around the globe including the United States as a celebration of Mexican pride and heritage.

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

The celebrations include mariachi music, parades, folk dancing and, of course, Cinco de Mayo food. The food for Cinco de Mayo varies between different families and regions of Mexico and there is no set traditional Cinco de Mayo food as such.

Popular dishes served at a Cinco de Mayo celebration might include tortilla soup, green chili beef stew, guacamole, black bean salsa, fish tacos with a Baja sauce, chicken or beef fajitas and enchiladas.

Well Loved Holiday Recipes

A lot of Mexicans like to combine native Aztec recipes with the food introduced by the settlers and Spanish conquistadors. The food will be served with vegetables and salsas and will be colorfully presented. Traditional dishes, which might make an appearance at a Cinco de Mayo meal, include enchiladas, guacamole, mole poblano, and chilaquiles.

There is a massive variety of food available in Mexico and each region has its own dishes. Mexico does not have its own real official dish. One food, which is common throughout the nation, is the corn tortilla. Corn is still a staple in Mexico, even as flour becomes more popular and corn is grown there too. Corn tortillas are baked fresh every day in stores and food stands.

Traditional Cinco de Mayo Food

Chicken, beef and pork are mainstays all over the nation, although fish is popular along the long Caribbean and Pacific coasts. You will find many kinds of vegetables available including traditional beans. These are often served with rice.

There are said to be more than sixty types of chili pepper including the very hot habanero, which is common in the south. Not all recipes are spicy, contrary to popular belief. Some are very hot, some are mildly spicy, and others are aromatic without being hot at all. Salsas are very popular too and complement many different dishes.

Drink is also a big part of the festivities and tequila can be drunk alone as a shot or used to make a deliciously refreshing pitcher of margarita. Kahlua, which is a coffee-based liqueur is also very flavorful and can be drunk with ice, cola or cream. If you fancy something more simple, you can try a local beer such as Corona or Sol.

Cinco de Mayo is all about celebrating in general rather than being limited to any particular traditional Cinco de Mayo food, so each household will prepare their favorite foods to make one big, colorful feast for the whole family to enjoy.

Eating, drinking, dancing and partying is what Cinco de Mayo is all about in modern Mexico and it is a time to enjoy life and celebrate with the tastiest traditional local recipes and remember what the holiday is commemorating.

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