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Fun and Playful Cinco de Mayo Games

Cinco de Mayo games are part of many celebrations held to commemorate this holiday. Even though the holiday is Mexican in origin, it is celebrated more widely and arguably with more enthusiasm in the United States than it is anywhere else in the world, even Mexico!

Mexican food, drinks and music are of course all part of the fun at any Cinco de Mayo festivities, but games make a wonderful addition to the day, especially if there will be children present at your party this year. Even though there aren’t any games which are exactly specific to the holiday, there are a wide variety of Mexican games to choose from which will keep children (and adults) entertained and make your Cinco de Mayo party an event which people will look back on fondly – and look forward to attending next year.

The most familiar of all Cinco de Mayo games is of course Break the Piñata. Piñatas are already incredibly popular at children’s birthday parties on both sides of the border, but this Mexican children’s game is a lot of fun for kids of all ages and certainly an appropriate activity for a Cinco de Mayo party.

Making your own piñata is simpler than you may think; and it is something, which you and your children can have a lot of fun doing together as a pre-Cinco activity. If you do not have the free time necessary to make a piñata yourself, you can find pre-made piñatas at many party supply shops and some larger Mexican groceries if you happen to have one in your area.

Other Cinco de Mayo games involve essentially dressing up familiar games in a Mexican theme. For instance, you could create a Bingo game where rather than calling out numbers in English, the numbers could be called out in Spanish, making this a fun way to teach children (and adults too) Spanish numbers. You could do something similar with the names of colors, animals and so on – anything, which fits the theme of Cinco de Mayo, will do nicely here.

You can also turn musical chairs into a Cinco de Mayo game by blending it with the Mexican hat dance; set up chairs in a circle around a sombrero and play musical chairs as normal, with the difference being in the music and of course the dance. This is a game which adults as well as children will enjoy playing and is well worth considering as an addition to any Cinco de Mayo party.

The variety of Cinco de Mayo games available to you is really limited only by your imagination; with some planning and creativity, you can come up with plenty of different games and activities to keep everyone happy this 5th of May.

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