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Houston – Cinco De Mayo Parties and Events

Every May 5th, millions of people all across the United States and Mexico (as well as in some other countries around the world) celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a commemoration of the Mexican victory over the French army in the 1862 Battle of Puebla. The victory proved to be inspirational to Mexicans, encouraging them to continue their resistance to the invading French and, ultimately, Mexico was victorious.

Unlike many people seem to think, this holiday is not a celebration of Mexico’s independence from Spain (that would be September 16th, in case you were curious).

It All Happens in Houston

While there are many cities from coast to coast which are home to Cinco de Mayo celebrations, there are some which have more events than others do. One of these cities is Houston, Texas, where on Cinco de Mayo this year there will be numerous celebrations to attend. If you happen to live in or near Houston or will be traveling there around the holiday, you are in for a real treat – and of course, lots of great Mexican food and drink!

As in California and other border states, Cinco de Mayo is more widely celebrated in Texas, and Houston is definitely no exception. Here you will find Cinco de Mayo festivities every May 5th. In the past these parties have included performances by Ballet Folklorico, mariachi and other performance of Mexican music, although every year is slightly different.

So Much to See and Do

Some years you also get the weeklong celebration of the holiday going on at the Houston Children’s Museum, which includes numerous opportunities for children and parents to take part in crafts and other Cinco de Mayo-related activities.

You might also want to attend the Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Trader’s Village flea market. In addition to the flea market itself, there is usually food, activities for children, and musical and dance performances to enjoy at the Houston Cinco de Mayo celebration.

The Parade and Arts Festival

Another of the many holiday events going on in Houston is the parade held downtown each year. Sponsored by the League of United Latin American Citizens, the parade features Mexican arts and culture and is a popular event with people from all over the greater Houston metropolitan area.

Following the parade, the organization also holds a Latino arts festival at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts (known as the Puertas del Arte festival) which might interest you too.

Tamale Eating Contest

If you are up for a trek out to the Woodlands, the Cinco de Mayo World Tamale Eating Contest is something you will want to see (or join in on, if you think that you have what it takes to beat Chip Simpson’s record of 41 tamales!) Even if you do not win, you will still come away a winner thanks to some of the best tamales in Texas.

From concerts to parades to eating contests, there is no shortage of things to do and see this and every Cinco de Mayo in Houston, Texas. If you will be in the area, you are certain to have a wonderful holiday as you celebrate this most festive of days. Although the program changes slightly each year, the events listed above are typical of this exciting fiesta.

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