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Mexican Holidays – A Time to Enjoy Mexican Food

Mexicans love to party and enjoying traditional Mexican recipes is all part of the fun. One Mexican holiday, which you might have heard about, is The Day of the Dead. This holiday represents the unity between life and death. Death is part of the life cycle and this holiday is a combination of All Souls’ Day, which is a Catholic holiday, with the traditional Indian death rituals.

The Christmas Holiday

Las Posadas marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities and then there are nine days of candlelit processions and lots of pre-Christmas parties. Noche Buena kicks off with midnight mass and then families go home and enjoy a traditional Christmas supper, which is likely to feature regional dishes. Romeritos, which are wild greens in mole sauce, and bacalao de la vizcaina, which is Biscay cod, are especially popular at this time.

Three Kings’ Day falls on January 6 and this is when the Wise Men bring gifts for the baby Jesus. This is the day when Mexican children get gifts and toys. Rosca de Reyes is traditionally served on this day and this round, sweet bread is decorated with candied fruits. There are little figurines of the baby Jesus hidden in the loaf.

Springtime Holidays

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, runs from Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday. A lot of Mexicans take their yearly vacation during this week. Mexico is almost ninety percent Catholic, so this is a major holiday.

Cinco de Mayo is a very popular Mexican holiday and it commemorates the Mexican defeat of the French army at 1862’s Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is a great time for making traditional Mexican dishes and it is common for families to prepare lots of different recipes so that everyone can enjoy their preferred Mexican dishes. Americana celebrate Cinco de Mayo as well as Mexicans and you can expect fireworks, sporting events, dancing and singing in Mexican communities during this time.

Cinco de Mayo is a time for feasting and guacamole, tacos, quesadillas and more are served to delight everyone. Pork, beef, and chicken tortillas, traditional Mexican salads, homemade salsas and more are lovingly prepared for the festivities.

Other Mexican Holidays

Carnaval, or Carnival in English, is a five-day holiday featuring floats, parades, music, dancing and costumes. Carnaval falls just before Lent. September 16 is when Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated. This holiday commemorates the start of Mexico’s struggle for independence from the Spanish.

The Importance of Mexican Recipes During the Holidays

It is fair to say that Mexican holidays would not be anywhere near as much fun if traditional Mexican dishes were not part of the proceedings. Of course, the Mexican beer and tequila also flow during this time, and that helps too, but good food is something that everyone can appreciate and Mexican cuisine certainly has enough delicious recipes to please everyone.

There are some dishes, which are prepared especially during the holidays, such as tamales, which can be time consuming, and other popular dishes, which are made at any time, such as quesadillas and tacos. Mexican holidays are loud, vibrant, and colorful affairs and having great food to eat only serves to make them more fun and more enjoyable.

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