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Mexico Holidays – How to Celebrate in Style

These holidays and fiestas are colorful, vibrant, and lively. They are a time to indulge in all the best food and these holidays are celebrated in Mexico and in the United States, in Mexican communities. These fiestas bring a sense of culture and home and the great food and drink help to make the occasions special.

So what holidays does Mexico celebrate? Actually, there are a number of holidays including Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day, Day of the Dead, Carnaval, Semana Santa and more. Mexico is a religious country and some of these holidays are Catholic ones.

How Do Mexicans Celebrate Fiestas?

If you have ever celebrated Mexico holidays in the country itself, you will have seen the endless food buffets and the homes and streets adorned with brightly colored decorations. Lanterns in bright colors are hung and tables are decorated with festive tablecloths. Dancing, eating, and drinking are popular, as well as floats, parades, music and more.

It is great to see how important holidays in Mexico are celebrated in the United States and how these two cultures are so harmonized. The United States has embraced the flavor of these fiestas and Cinco de Mayo is almost as big a deal in the United States as it is in Mexico.

How to Organize a Fiesta

Why not plan to have your own Mexican themed party? You can do this for Cinco de Mayo or for another of the well-known holidays or you can have a fiesta at any time. A themed party is a great time to cook all your favorite dishes and party with friends and family.

One of the most important things to think about when planning a fiesta is, of course, the food. Which recipes are you going to make? You can make a few traditional ones like enchiladas, chiles rellenos or tacos. What about a buffet with chips, guacamole, salsa, and easy snacks? Perhaps you fancy making a big pot of chili con carne.

A make-your-own fajita stand or nachos stand is a lot of fun and people enjoy assembling their own snacks. If there are going to be kids there, buy, or make a piñata and fill it with candy. Set it up outside and give the kids a baseball bat.

More Tips for Making Traditional Food

Organizing a fiesta at home is a lot of fun and you will get the chance to make some authentic foods to impress your guests with. Make sure you choose some dishes that you can make ahead and others that you can make later, else it will be a real rush at the end to get all the food ready at the same time, and a party is supposed to be about enjoying yourself rather than getting stressed over the food!

If you want to make some traditional recipes, make sure you have the right ingredients so your food will have an authentic flavor. Perhaps there is a Latin grocery store near you, in which case you will be able to get all the necessary ingredients there.

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