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More Fun Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

There are various ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which is the celebration of Mexico’s independence from the French in the nineteenth century. If you are having a party at home, why not invite guests to come dressed as Mexican revolutionary war figures? You can fly the Mexican flag and match the colors with napkins, lanterns, tablecloths, and streamers. Perhaps you can find some revolution music or traditional Mexican music to play.

Traditionally, Cinco de Mayo celebrations are loud and noisy and you might want to have fireworks as well as turning the music up a notch. If you have neighbors who are likely to be less than impressed, perhaps you can give the kids sparklers rather than have fireworks. Piñatas, which are paper mache figures stuffed with candies, are much loved by kids and you can even set up piñatas for the adults to swing at too.

Cinco de Mayo Party Food and Drink

Serve up some delicious Mexican foods for your party guests to get them into the spirit of the event but make sure you use authentic Mexican recipes, rather than the Americanized versions of the Mexican foods. Chocolate atole and coconut flan are popular Mexican recipes. Chocolate atole is a hearty corn flour and chocolate drink and coconut flan is a sweet and delicious custard style dessert.

The Mexican Hat Relay Game

You can make Mexican hats from craft materials if you do not have sombreros. You will need one for each of the two teams. Someone from each team needs to run down to the hat, danced three times around it and run back to tag the next teammate, who has to do the same. The first team to complete the relay wins. You will need a long hallway or a big room for this game.

Cinco de Mayo Fun for the Grownups

Because food is an integral part of Cinco de Mayo, you might wish to have it as part of your celebrations, and not just the buffet. Consider setting up a taco bar, offering a table with all the fixings, so people can make their own soft or hard taco using the meat, vegetables, cheese, and any other toppings you can think of.

Another fun idea is to play ‘guess how many chilies in the jar’ or even ‘guess the heat of the chili’ which means each person either tastes a slice of chili and tries to guess which is hottest, or you could make salsa using each one and see who can correctly identify the chili variety. Ensure there are mouth-cooling foods on hand like tortillas for example! If you have the budget, consider hiring a professional dance instruction to teach your guests meringue, salsa, folklorico, or samba.

Some Kid-Friendly Game Ideas

Kids do not have to be left out of the fun (although they probably will not enjoy the hot chili tasting game!) so consider giving them tissue paper and pipe cleaners to make flowers, setting up a line of sombreros and giving them little bean bags to see if they can get the bean bags in the sombreros, or let them toss Mexican pesos, then the winner gets to keep the pesos. The kids will enjoy the taco bar as much as the adults although an adult will need to help the smaller kids. There is something for everyone when it comes to Cinco de Mayo entertainment, and this is never a dull event.

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