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Vanilla and Cinnamon Polvorónes

A polvorón is a delicious Mexican cookie. These are traditionally served on special occasions such as weddings or other parties. Known as ‘Mexican wedding cookies’ in the United States, polvorónes are easy to make and they are tasty and crumbly. Served with a cup of tea or glass of milk, a couple of these makes an incredible snack. The name comes from ‘polvo’ which is Spanish for dust or powder, and they are so named because before being cooked they are rolled in cinnamon sugar. Our recipe includes vanilla as well as cinnamon for a typical Mexican taste.

These crumbly, buttery little treats are simple to prepare. You will need sugar, butter, flour, and salt, which are all typical baking ingredients, along with vanilla and cinnamon. The butter and sugar are creamed, then you will add the vanilla, salt and cinnamon along with the flour. The dough you get will be quite stiff, but that is quite normal. Break it into 1-inch balls, trying to keep the sizes equal, and then they are ready to be rolled in cinnamon sugar, and you can finally bake them. They smell lovely while cooking. Let them cool on wire racks afterward. Continue reading

Warm Mexican Cinnamon Fritters

Similar to donuts, these Mexican fritters promise sweetness and deliciousness in every bite. You can roll them in cinnamon sugar while they are hot or consider pairing them with fruit jam or dipping them in melted chocolate. They would also be good with maple syrup drizzled over the top. These Mexican fritters are simple to make and they need to be fried in oil, so they only take a few minutes to cook. That is great news if you are looking for dessert in a hurry or if you want to rustle up a quick and easy warm snack to please everyone in the family.

This decadent dessert could even be served after your enchiladas, Mexican spicy fish, or whatever main dish you are offering. Why not serve them with ice cream or vanilla-spiked whipped cream? You could drizzle some melted chocolate or chocolate syrup over them, then add the ice cream or whipped cream. To complete the decadent experience, add some almond slivers for a garnish. Oh – and serve a little glass of Mexican Kahlua to the grownups on the side! These smell every bit as incredible as freshly fried donuts and we promise you they will disappear faster than you can even imagine because they taste so good.

Because these are best served warm, you will want to cook them after everyone has finished their main dish and while they are still at the table. If you are making these for Cinco de Mayo or another holiday, encourage people to sit at the table, enjoy another glass of wine, and keep sniffing the air because very soon they are going to be able to smell the most wonderful aroma! Then you can come back in just a few minutes with this incredible treat for everyone to enjoy. Choose these cinnamon fritters if you want the tastiest Mexican dessert. Continue reading

Unusual Vanilla Profiteroles with Raspberries

Think of Mexican dessert recipes and what comes to mind – flan perhaps or chocolate mousse? This recipe is more unusual, making use of choux pastry profiteroles, along with vanilla ice cream, fresh raspberries, and some attractive garnishes. Mexican bakeries are really popular and you can find all kinds of tasty baked goods in there, which is where we got the inspiration for this recipe. The pastries are turned into profiteroles, then filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with a homemade raspberry coulis, for an attractive, tasty and well-balanced dessert.

Regardless of your main dish, these profiteroles are sure to make an enticing dessert. They bring together the flavor of vanilla, a typical Mexican ingredient, with fresh baking, something else that is prized in Mexico, along with a fresh raspberry topping. If you cannot get fresh raspberries, you could substitute frozen ones, as long as you make sure they completely thawed and patted dry before use, or you might want to take inspiration from the Mexican way of cooking, choosing whatever is fresh and looking good at the local market. What about peaches or apricots?

That is actually true about appetizers, snacks and entrées, not only desserts. A typical Mexican cook will purchase whatever locally grown produce looks and smells good, choosing locally grown fresh ingredients over ones that have flown thousands of miles. This of course ensures optimum freshness. Once they have their fresh produce (meat, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables, along with any baked goods they wish to have) they will put together a menu. For example, say the market is selling juicy fresh strawberries. That might mean a Mexican strawberry flan is on tonight’s menu. Continue reading

Chipotle Pecan Brownies

The flavor of chipotle spices up the chipotle pecan brownies mixture and gives it an exciting flavor. If you have never tried chocolate with chili before this is a great recipe to try. Take care not to over bake these brownies because they are nicest when slightly moist. These brownies are slightly sweet but not overly so. Don’t use more than a cup of sugar in total in this Mexican dessert recipe because the sweetness will overpower the rest of the ingredients if you do.

These chipotle pecan brownies are great with a cup of hot chocolate or some coffee and the recipe makes between 12 and 16 brownies, depending how you cut them. One is not enough so give everyone at least 2 brownies! This is a Mexican-inspired recipe rather than a traditional one, but one thing is obvious and that is these are really gorgeous. Brownies are always good, whether you are making a simple recipe or adding vanilla or nutmeg, or other flavors, or even adding a hint of chili for a south of the border kick which delivers a very special touch.

Brownies are traditionally cake-like on the outside but rich and moist in the center because of the ingredients used to make them. They are similar to cake but more moist on the inside, which is why they are often served just as they are, instead of with cream or ice cream. Some people like a chocolate or fudge sauce with their brownies, and that is another good serving suggestion. Because there is chipotle chili (a smoky tasting dried chili) in the brownies, keep your sauce simple if you are making one. Basic chocolate or fudge rather than anything spicy would be best here. Continue reading

Vanilla and Chocolate Chipotle Brownies

These chipotle chocolate brownies have an authentic Mexican flavor and the chipotle gives the chocolate a real kick and boosts its flavor. This might at first sound like a strange combination but chocolate and chilies work so nicely together, in both sweet and savory recipes. Brownies might not be a Mexican creation but there is no mistaking the combination of flavors in this Mexican dessert recipe, and you will love the south of the border taste here.

A lot of Mexican desserts share common ingredients, such as chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon, but these ingredients are combined with others and added in different quantities, meaning that no two Mexican dessert recipes are alike. If your family enjoys eating brownies, why not make this tasty Mexican variation? You will love the way the chipotle enhances the chocolate flavor. This recipe serves 8 people and you can serve the brownies with some vanilla ice cream if you like, or even whipped cream.

Have you ever made brownies before? There is nothing to worry about if not, because they are very easy. The ingredients are combined and then the brownies batter goes into a baking dish and the brownies are baked in the oven until done. You then need to let them cool down a bit and sprinkle powdered sugar over the top. The rich, delicious flavor will really impress you and this recipe is suitable for a dinner party. Perhaps you might like to add some fresh strawberries or raspberries to the plate for an elegant garnish. Continue reading

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