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Flan Recipes

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Mouthwatering Mango Pudding Flan

If you like to make Mexican flan recipes, the delicious combined flavors of natural vanilla and unmistakable mango make this one of the best ones to create. This is quite an easy recipe to follow and it is quite quick to make as well. The mango pudding is made in separate ramekins so you can tip them out to serve. Mango puddings go well with vanilla ice cream, a dollop of whipped cream or simply served by themselves, decorated with a sprig of fresh mint. How you choose to serve the finished mango puddings is up to you, of course.

This is a light and refreshing dessert which is perfect after a spicy meal or nice as a snack whenever you fancy one. Although you can get canned or frozen mango, we suggest you use fresh mango here. It just offers a richer, fresher flavor, and Mexican cooks always choose fresh produce wherever possible because they love the fresher taste it promises. Use pure vanilla extract and not vanilla essence which is just alcohol and chemicals, for the same reason. Whenever you use fresh, good quality ingredients, you can be sure of a great result.

You need very few ingredients to make this dish actually – milk, sugar, eggs, mango, and vanilla are the only items you will need, along with some water, 6 matching ramekins to make the flans in, and perhaps some fresh mint or another attractive garnish. Use cilantro if you wish, since that is a herb popular in Mexican cuisine. It is only for decoration anyway, not for eating. Else consider whipped cream or ice cream as your garnish. Continue reading

Mexican Flan Recipe

Make Flan the Traditional Mexican Way

Mexican desserts are always a wonderful treat. Making a Mexican flan recipe is a delightful way to top off your Mexican meal. If you want a delicious treat the whole family will enjoy, make this tasty recipe for dessert and watch their eyes light up. Mexican recipes for desserts make a fancy end to your Mexican meal. Everyone loves Mexican food with the spicy taste and richness. To follow such and entrée you have to enjoy a delicious Mexican dessert afterwards, for a real south of the border flavor experience.

One of the most delectable Mexican desserts to choose is the Mexican flan recipe and every Mexican knows this recipe well. Sweet, creamy and so divine, it is almost difficult to describe. After all, how do you describe heaven on your taste buds? Once you try this very easy to prepare Mexican dessert you will understand the delicate flavors infused in this decadent dish. The different ingredients are blended so well it is literally a marriage of flavor in every bite, as well as that delicate creaminess which is so delicious.

Your family will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful Mexican dessert. The next time you make a Mexican dinner at home, be sure to make this Mexican flan to impress everyone after the main dish. It will truly make a beautiful ending to your Mexican dinner which you and your family will not forget. This is a traditional Mexican dish which is well known in every household and it is delightfully simple to prepare too, even if you do not usually make your own desserts from scratch. Just take a look at the following recipe and you will see how easy it is. Continue reading

Lemon Flan

Flan is an incredibly versatile dessert. While it is most often enjoyed in the traditional manner, with a simple topping of caramel, it can be combined with a nearly endless variety of flavors, from sweet to savory – though of course, it is a dish which most of us associate with dessert.

Introduced to the New World by Spanish colonists, flan became a very popular dessert in Mexico, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean, perhaps just as much so as in its native Europe. It is also an increasingly popular dessert in the US, where creative cooks often put their own spin on this classic recipe.

One flavor which pairs especially well with flan is lemon, as in this lemon flan recipe. The bright flavor of lemon juice and lemon zest comes together with the richness of the flan and just the right amount of caramel to create a truly satisfying, yet light and refreshing dessert which everyone will love. Continue reading

One of the Simplest Coconut Flan Recipes

Flan is a custard dessert which originated in Spain, but has long since become a favorite in the New World as well thanks to being introduced by Spanish explorers and colonists. It is particularly popular in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, but is also becoming popular in the US and Canada as time goes on.

Normally, flan is a simple dessert, consisting of lightly sweetened custard with a caramel topping. However, the formula is versatile enough to allow for all kinds of experimentation, such as in this coconut flan recipe. This recipe consists of a classic caramel topped flan along with a twist via the addition of coconut.

Here, flan is made in a typically Caribbean style, with condensed and evaporated milk along with whole milk and the authentically Caribbean flavor of fresh shredded coconut. The light, nutty flavor of the coconut with the rich flavor, yet light texture of the flan makes for a nearly perfect dessert, especially in the summer. Continue reading

Carrot Flan

When you think of flan, you probably think of the traditional caramel topped egg custard first and foremost. That is perfectly normal, since this is the way that the classic Spanish dessert is usually served. However, there are a thousand and one different ways to prepare flan, including some variations which may surprise you.

For example, how about a carrot flan? Carrots are almost certainly not something you would normally think of as an ingredient in a dessert, outside of carrot cake, but this carrot flan recipe just may change your mind.

The slight natural sweetness of the carrots makes them a natural ingredient for this very grown up dessert. Paired with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon along with the richness of the custard, it is a dish which you will want to finish off dinner with time and time again. Continue reading

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