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Mexican Cakes

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Chipotle Pecan Brownies

The flavor of chipotle spices up the chipotle pecan brownies mixture and gives it an exciting flavor. If you have never tried chocolate with chili before this is a great recipe to try. Take care not to over bake these brownies because they are nicest when slightly moist. These brownies are slightly sweet but not overly so. Don’t use more than a cup of sugar in total in this Mexican dessert recipe because the sweetness will overpower the rest of the ingredients if you do.

These chipotle pecan brownies are great with a cup of hot chocolate or some coffee and the recipe makes between 12 and 16 brownies, depending how you cut them. One is not enough so give everyone at least 2 brownies! This is a Mexican-inspired recipe rather than a traditional one, but one thing is obvious and that is these are really gorgeous. Brownies are always good, whether you are making a simple recipe or adding vanilla or nutmeg, or other flavors, or even adding a hint of chili for a south of the border kick which delivers a very special touch.

Brownies are traditionally cake-like on the outside but rich and moist in the center because of the ingredients used to make them. They are similar to cake but more moist on the inside, which is why they are often served just as they are, instead of with cream or ice cream. Some people like a chocolate or fudge sauce with their brownies, and that is another good serving suggestion. Because there is chipotle chili (a smoky tasting dried chili) in the brownies, keep your sauce simple if you are making one. Basic chocolate or fudge rather than anything spicy would be best here. Continue reading

Vanilla and Chocolate Chipotle Brownies

These chipotle chocolate brownies have an authentic Mexican flavor and the chipotle gives the chocolate a real kick and boosts its flavor. This might at first sound like a strange combination but chocolate and chilies work so nicely together, in both sweet and savory recipes. Brownies might not be a Mexican creation but there is no mistaking the combination of flavors in this Mexican dessert recipe, and you will love the south of the border taste here.

A lot of Mexican desserts share common ingredients, such as chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon, but these ingredients are combined with others and added in different quantities, meaning that no two Mexican dessert recipes are alike. If your family enjoys eating brownies, why not make this tasty Mexican variation? You will love the way the chipotle enhances the chocolate flavor. This recipe serves 8 people and you can serve the brownies with some vanilla ice cream if you like, or even whipped cream.

Have you ever made brownies before? There is nothing to worry about if not, because they are very easy. The ingredients are combined and then the brownies batter goes into a baking dish and the brownies are baked in the oven until done. You then need to let them cool down a bit and sprinkle powdered sugar over the top. The rich, delicious flavor will really impress you and this recipe is suitable for a dinner party. Perhaps you might like to add some fresh strawberries or raspberries to the plate for an elegant garnish. Continue reading

Mexican Dessert Cheesecake with Orange

This Mexican dessert cheese cake recipe combines a crisp crust with a rich and creamy filling and a tangy fresh orange gelatin topping. Lime is used to add a sharp flavor which goes beautifully with the condensed milk rich filling. The result is a perfectly balanced dessert boasting plenty of incredible flavor. Whatever you are having for the appetizer and entrée, this south of the border cheesecake is sure to be a perfect fit when the time for dessert arrives.

Cheesecake is not the first dish that comes to mind when most people think about Mexican dessert recipes but this cheesecake combines Mexican flavors perfectly – the sharp with the creamy and the sweet with the sour. If you are looking for unique and slightly different dessert recipes, this Mexican dessert cheesecake is delicious. If you want to add a touch of chocolate, consider some grated Mexican chocolate over the top, added just before serving. Something else you might want to do is add some fresh orange before pouring over the gelatin.

Making this is very simple. The first thing to do is prepare the crust. You could always use a readymade Graham cracker crust to save time, but preparing a crust using Graham cracker crumbs and butter takes 5 minutes or less, so you might as well make your own. The filling is a blend of lime, egg, cream cheese, and milk, and that can be poured directly into the crust, before baking them together. About half an hour in the oven is enough time to set the crust and the filling. Then you can work on the topping while the cheesecake is cooling down. Continue reading

Authentic Pastel de Chocolate

Pastel de chocolate is a delicious Mexican chocolate cake and, in this recipe, the cake is spiced with a little cayenne or chili powder to bring out the flavor of the chocolate. The cake is baked and then decorated with a delicious Mexican chocolate cake glaze and strawberries. You can use raspberries, banana slices or anything else you like to decorate the cake if you do not have fresh strawberries.

This chocolate Mexican sheet cake is simple to make and delicious with a cup of coffee or, for a really indulgent dessert, with a cup of champurrado or Mexican hot chocolate. The recipe is very simple to follow. Just get all your ingredients ready, then combine the dry ones until well combined. Add the wet ingredients and blend the batter until it is evenly mixed. You are now ready to pour it into your cake pan and bake it. The cake takes about half an hour to bake, but insert a knife point into the center at the end. If it does not come out clean, give your cake another 5 minutes and check again, then repeat if necessary. The cake then needs to cool down, so set it on a wire rack and be patient while it cools.

If you are new to cake-making, you will find this recipe delightfully easy, since it is just a question of combing your ingredients and baking the mixture in the oven until you have a finished cake. Once you have made this once, you will certainly want to make it again, or try some other Mexican cake recipes. You can also divide this mixture between muffin tins to make individual cakes, decreasing the cooking time by 10 minutes if you do this. Continue reading

Mexican Skillet Cornbread Recipe

Using a cast iron skillet for making cornbread is optional but this really is the best way to make cornbread recipes. The cast iron allows for air circulation, making the cornbread crisp. A ten inch skillet is ideal for the following cornbread recipe. Perhaps you are using a bigger pan, in which case you should cook the cornbread for a shorter time because it will be thinner and therefore not need so long to cook through. If you buy a skillet just to make this you will definitely be making it over and over because this cornbread is so mouthwatering and fresh tasting.

You can make cornbread for chili or as a great accompaniment to other Mexican recipes but making a homemade chili recipe as well as homemade cornbread is going to guarantee a wonderful meal since both dishes complement one another beautifully. Mexican cornbread casserole is another option if you want to try some different Mexican cornbread recipes.

This easy recipe for Mexican cornbread only requires six ingredients so it is incredibly simple to prepare, even if you are new to Mexican cooking. The cornbread will come out fluffy, sweet, and really soft and because this is such an easy recipe, it is nearly impossible to get it wrong if you follow the recipe. Continue reading

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