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Mexican Cookies

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Vanilla and Cinnamon Polvorónes

A polvorón is a delicious Mexican cookie. These are traditionally served on special occasions such as weddings or other parties. Known as ‘Mexican wedding cookies’ in the United States, polvorónes are easy to make and they are tasty and crumbly. Served with a cup of tea or glass of milk, a couple of these makes an incredible snack. The name comes from ‘polvo’ which is Spanish for dust or powder, and they are so named because before being cooked they are rolled in cinnamon sugar. Our recipe includes vanilla as well as cinnamon for a typical Mexican taste.

These crumbly, buttery little treats are simple to prepare. You will need sugar, butter, flour, and salt, which are all typical baking ingredients, along with vanilla and cinnamon. The butter and sugar are creamed, then you will add the vanilla, salt and cinnamon along with the flour. The dough you get will be quite stiff, but that is quite normal. Break it into 1-inch balls, trying to keep the sizes equal, and then they are ready to be rolled in cinnamon sugar, and you can finally bake them. They smell lovely while cooking. Let them cool on wire racks afterward. Continue reading

Mexican Wedding Cake Recipe

Especially if you grew up in the Midwest, you are probably familiar with Russian Tea Cakes (occasionally known as Mexican Wedding Cakes). These crumbly, shortbread-like cookies are a popular treat which is often served around the holidays as well as at weddings.

The “Mexican Wedding Cakes” name comes from the Cold War era; when tensions with the Soviet Union ran high, the name was coined to rid these cookies of the negative connotations which “Russian” carried at the time. However, the cookies themselves are indeed European in origin – and are largely unknown in Mexico.

No matter what you call them or where they are from, however, these cookies are delicious and make a perfect holiday treat or snack for adults and children alike. They have a surprisingly low sugar content, though thanks to the large amount of butter in these cookies, they are hardly diet food (though you can go ahead and have more than one anyway, especially if Russian Tea Cakes were part of your childhood). Continue reading

Cheesecake Cookies with Vanilla Wafers

There are many vanilla sugar cookies recipes and lots of ways to make cookies. Mexico is a big country and there are many regional differences when it comes to dessert recipes, as well as savory ones. A good example of this variety is Mexican cookies. Some Mexican cookies recipes result in chewy, soft cookies and others made crisp, hard cookies. Mexican cookies can be filled with fruit, chocolate, or even cajeta. Some have chocolate drizzled on top and others are very plain with just cinnamon or vanilla as a flavoring.

Alfajores are very special Mexican cookies and these are two cookies sandwiched together with a cajeta filling and then rolled in coconut flakes. Other Mexican cookie recipes, like this vanilla oatmeal cookies recipe, are a lot simpler to make. Vanilla is one of the most popular Mexican flavors for making Mexican dessert recipes and the vanilla flavoring in the following vanilla cookies recipe comes from the crushed vanilla wafers as well as the vanilla extract.

If you wanted to, you could smear some jelly or marmalade over these cookies before baking them, just to add some color as well as a fruity sweetness and a further stickiness, but this is a totally optional step because they are great made the way they are. Soften the butter and cream cheese for this cookie recipe by leaving them at room temperature for half an hour before you start making the cookie dough. Continue reading

One of the Best Cinnamon Oatmeal Nut Cookies Recipes

These delicious buttermilk oatmeal cinnamon cookies are so easy to make and they taste luscious. If you do not have, buttermilk simply substitute extra shortening instead. You can also add coconut, chocolate chips, raisins, or walnuts to this cinnamon oatmeal cookies recipe, for a different flavor. The recipe is incredibly simple and you just need to combine the ingredients and bake the cookies until they are done.

Cinnamon oatmeal nut cookies recipes are great after dinner or for a snack with any kind of drink. Adults and kids will love these cinnamon cookies, just like everyone loves all cinnamon oatmeal nut cookies recipes. There is something so comforting about cookies, especially Mexican cookies that tend to feature vanilla, cinnamon and often chocolate too. The Mexicans know how to make great dessert recipes and most Mexican cookies are light, crumbly, and bursting with the very best flavors.

The oatmeal gives these buttermilk oatmeal cinnamon cookies a wholesome flavor and a wonderful texture. Oats are very filling, making these cookies satisfying. You will still want to eat more than one though! This recipe makes about fifty cookies but that is if you make mini cookies. Make bigger ones if you like. They will require another couple of minutes of cooking time. Continue reading

The Best Recipe for Coconut Balls

This recipe for coconut balls combines coconut with flour, mung beans, sugar and more for chewy little coconut balls which are sweet and mouthwatering. You can use coconut balls to decorate an ice cream dessert or a cheesecake. Else, simply serve them with hot chocolate or coffee for a late night treat. Perhaps you have tried chocolate covered coconut balls before and chocolate coconut balls are great but this recipe is simpler.

If you are looking for a great recipe for coconut balls, you will enjoy this one. You will need to begin making them the night before because the mung beans have to soak. Mung beans have a very mild flavor and their gooey texture makes them ideal for combining with the coconut. Perhaps you never tried mung beans in a dessert recipe but they are great for making Mexican desserts like these coconut balls.

You should not have any problems with this easy coconut balls recipe. Remember to line the base of the steamer with wax paper before adding the coconut balls, else they will stick and be hard to remove in one piece when they have finished cooking. Rolling the coconut balls in extra desiccated coconut at the end of the cooking gives them a great appearance and an amazing texture. Continue reading

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