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Mexican Dessert Recipes

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Mexican Banana Pudding with Rum

This is a delicious and easy banana pudding recipe which anybody can make. If you like Mexican dessert dishes you will appreciate the vanilla and nutmeg in this banana pudding recipe which flavor it subtly. The rum adds a great flavor as well but you can leave it out if you want to or if you are making this Mexican dessert for kids. You can use half and half instead of light cream if you want to cut the fat down a bit or if that is just what you have in the refrigerator.

If you are looking for easy dessert recipes then consider Mexican desserts because they are often quite simple to put together. This banana pudding is a must for all banana lovers and it gives a nice fruity finish to your meal. To make this, you will need egg yolks, milk, bananas and cream, as your main ingredients, then some sugar, nutmeg, butter, dark rum, and vanilla to add the flavor. A little cornstarch helps to keep the texture just right. You might already love banana pudding or maybe you have not had it before. Either way this is well worth making.

Although not one of the better-known Mexican desserts, this banana pudding recipe is inspired by beloved Mexican ingredients like fruit, nutmeg and vanilla, to offer a wonderful south of the border taste which everyone will love. You only need a tablespoon of dark rum so unless you happen to have a bottle just get a miniature then you can use that. If you do not want to use the rum, simply leave it out. You might want to do that if kids will be eating the dessert or if you just prefer not to use alcohol in desserts. It does add a lovely indulgent flavor though! Continue reading

Tangy La Lechera Lemon and Lime Pie

La Lechera is a brand of sweetened condensed milk which you might have seen in your local store. If you cannot find La Lechera, you can use another type of condensed milk in this lime pie recipe as long as it is sweetened condensed milk. Lime pie is very popular in Mexico because the flavor of lime is sharp and refreshing and it goes beautifully with the creamy condensed milk and eggs in this lime pie recipe. Although you can use only lime juice if you prefer, we are using both lemon and lime here, for more of a tang. Just use lime though if you want to ‘Mexican-ize’ this as much as possible.

Lemon and lime pie makes a light yet satisfying dessert and if you like Mexican dessert recipes which are cool and refreshing after a spicy meal, you will love the following easy recipe. Most people have tried lemon meringue pie already but lime pie is a nice twist on the classic recipe. Lime is a classic Mexican ingredient of course, found in all kinds of dishes from lime mousse to lime pie, served as a garnish with fish tacos or chicken quesadillas, or used to make such delights as shrimp ceviche for example. Lime is a versatile ingredient which is as good in desserts as it is in savory dishes.

If you cannot get the La Lechera brand of sweetened condensed milk favored by Mexican cooks, you can use an alternative brand instead and the flavor of the finished dessert will be the same. Do not swap the fresh lemon or lime juice for the bottled kind though, because Mexican dishes are all about freshness, and the citrus is one of the key ingredients in this recipe! Whenever you are cooking authentic Mexican food, always go for freshness wherever you can, to keep it as traditional as possible. Continue reading

Mexican Chocolate Fruit Dipping Sauce with Kahlua

Mexican chocolate sauce is a delicious and versatile Mexican dessert recipe and you can use it for dipping churros or to top your ice cream. This is one great way of making your dessert authentic and adding plenty of flavor. Kahlua is optional in the following recipe but it is a Mexican chocolate liqueur and adds a really luxurious feel and flavor to this Mexican chocolate sauce and to other Mexican chocolate recipes also. Use Tia Maria if you can’t find it.

This is one of our quick Mexican dessert recipes and you can choose from the stove or microwave methods, depending which you prefer or which is easier. You will need sugar, cream, chocolate, cinnamon and, if you want to use it, Kahlua to make this tasty sauce, and the prep is so easy. The choice of using the stove or the microwave is yours. It just depends how much of a rush you are in or whether you are making other recipes and are already using all the burners on the stove.

Although you can serve this with sweet foods like pancakes, waffles, churros, or ice cream, it is especially good with fresh fruit, and healthier too because the sweet sauce is contrasting with the tart sweetness of the fruit. Consider apple, strawberries, nectarines, pineapple, blackberries, and anything with a bright color. Try to combine different colors for visual appeal, offering toothpicks so people can help themselves to a piece of fruit, dip it into the chocolate sauce and then pop this tasty morsel into their mouth. What a great way to get the kids to eat their fruit, since nobody is going to resist it when there is a delicious chocolate dip. Obviously leave out the Kahlua if this dip is going to be for the kids. Continue reading

Apple Empanadas with Cinnamon

Empanadas are a sweet pastry snack with a filling inside. This apple empanadas recipe combines apple pie filling with cinnamon to make a delicious empanada filling. The pastry is homemade and these little round empanadas make a great breakfast, snack or dessert. Apple empanadas can be served with cream or ice cream. They are also good in a packed lunch. A lot of Mexican dessert recipes are versatile and you can serve them in lots of different ways. Apple empanadas are very versatile.

These are really tasty and you will find everyone in the family loves them from the youngest to the eldest. There is nothing not to love. The taste is just so good. You might like to add some grated Mexican chocolate to the apple pie filling for an extra flavor. Making this recipe is very simple. You need to make the dough and then fill it with cinnamon-infused apple as your filling. Seal the empanadas well and then bake them for succulent, sweet and perfect results. Serve these with coffee or your beverage of choice for a perfect snack.

Empanadas are so easy to make. If you live in Mexico, somewhere with Mexican bakeries or somewhere you can get empanadas, you might prefer to buy them rather than make them, but there are lots of places empanadas are just unavailable, despite the ingredients being so easy to get a hold of. This is why it pays to learn how to make empanadas, because you can make so many different kinds, from the beef or chicken ones you might already know, to dessert empanadas like these cinnamon apple ones. Continue reading

Mexican Caramel Apple Empanadas Recipe

pastry but making the delicious caramel apple filling yourself. This recipe makes 36 empanadas or you could halve it if you don’t want to make so many. They are not so big so serve 2 to each diner and that will be fine. The caramel melts while the Mexican dessert empanadas are cooking and is still very soft and sticky when you serve them, which offers a great texture and goes well with the warm apple pieces.

Vanilla ice cream goes wonderfully with this caramel apple empanadas recipe or you could serve whipped cream with them instead. These empanadas are also good cold, like with lots of other Mexican dessert dishes. Empanadas are often savory but sweet ones work just as well. The same is true of other pastries, such as puff pastry or flaky pastry. Either of these flour and butter based mixtures goes beautifully with your choice of filling, whether it is sweet or savory, so just pick your filling and get ready to make a delicious snack.

Anyone interested in making these tasty snacks will be able to do so with ease. The flour is mixed with caramel, lemon and apples to make your filling, then you can spoon this into the dough to make the empanadas. Melted butter and cinnamon sugar goes over them to add to the overall appeal and lovely sweet taste, and you can either serve these apple empanadas with cream or ice cream or just as they are. Although you can serve them chilled the following day after a night in the refrigerator, they are best served warm from the oven shortly after baking. Continue reading

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