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Traditional Mexican Desserts

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Mexican Dessert Sopapilla Recipe

it is cooked. Bunuelos and churros are similar to Mexican dessert sopa papilla. This is a simple recipe to make and the little bread treats are stuffed with a wonderful honey butter which melts. It is easy to stuff the sopapillas with the honey butter because they are hollow. They puff up when they are deep fried. This makes a delicious dessert for after your Mexican dinner or a snack at any time of the day. The sopapillas keep in an airtight container for a day or two.

Sopapillas boast quite a neutral flavor, but add the butter and honey and this adds all the gorgeous charm and beauty to the flavor. This is comparable to cornbread, where it is alright served plain but amazing once you add butter and honey, and no, you should not swap the butter for margarine! If you do not have honey, try syrup instead. Maple syrup would work too. Sopapillas are often make in Mexican homes because they are so simple to prepare, and the flavor is amazing too. This is the type of dish every member of the family will love.

These are quite easy to make but bear in mind the dough needs to sit for an hour and a half before you make and cook the sopapillas, so ensure you have plenty of time. The dough is prepared then rolled out and cut into diamond shapes. You can then deep-fry them and they will puff up, meaning you can open the corner and insert a honey butter chunk. Just as this begins to melt wonderfully over the sopapillas you can serve them, so you can enjoy the warm fried dough with the sweet buttery filling oozing out over your tongue. Continue reading

The Best Way of Cooking Plantains

Plantains do need to be cooked, unlike bananas which can be eaten raw or cooked. They resemble bananas but tend to be larger, so you will know them when you have seen them. Compared side by side to regular bananas they look different. They are in the banana family but are not as sweet. Plantains can be served in savory dishes such as curry or they can be cooked to make Mexican dessert recipes. The plantains in the following Mexican dessert recipe melt in your mouth while the ice cream and whipped cream enhance their savory flavor and the cajeta sauce offers a sweet, silky touch.

Cooking plantains is easy and you just need to bake them for a while to make them soft and to release their tasty flavor. Plantains can also be deep fried to make plantain chips, a flavorful snack. In the following recipe we are keeping things simple by pouring some cajeta sauce over the plantains before cooking them, then serving with ice cream and whipped cream. Serve the dish while the plantain is still hot for the tastiest result and the most contrast.

Cajeta, which is also known as dulce de leche, is a typical Mexican sauce, available from Latin food stores, or you can make your own. If you do not have any or do not wish to use it, you can drizzle a mixture of ¼ cup water, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 tbso sugar and a pinch of cinnamon over the plantains before baking instead, then serve the finished dessert with your favorite ice cream syrup instead of the cajeta, perhaps chocolate, caramel, fudge, strawberry, or another flavor. Something else you can do is garnish the finished dish with fresh berries and those would add a tart tang to the overall flavor, contrasting beautifully with the sweet sauce. Continue reading

How to Make Sopaipillas

Sopaipillas are delicious puff pastry desserts which are traditionally served with honey for dipping. They are also nice sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. This sopaipillas recipe is simple to follow and the sopaipillas are hot and crunchy. If you like good Mexican desserts, this one is great. You can also serve the sopaipillas with ice cream or cream instead of the honey and cinnamon sugar if you like. These tasty Mexican treats are great for any holiday or special occasion. Alternatively they are equally good with a champurrado or coffee as an after dinner snack.

These pastries are filling and delicious, and you can serve them with syrup instead of honey if you want, or simply serve them plain and let people add their own syrup, honey or flavorings. Serve these on a special occasion or just make them for dessert. In Mexico they are just offered as a regular dessert so if you fancy a change from your usual mousse, cheesecake, pie or cookies, give it a try and you will love the result. Both the flavor and the texture are incredible and you can get a real taste of typical Mexican cuisine by making these.

To make these you need to combine the dry ingredients then mix in the wet ones. You will get a nice dough which you can knead. Let the dough rise, roll it out, cut it into shapes, and then fry the dough. The result will be the delicious sopaipillas which you can serve with honey and cinnamon sugar to give a lovely, sweet flavor to them. This makes the most amazing snack or dessert, and the whole family will love these. Sopaipillas are hot, comforting and truly delicious. They are also quick and easy to prepare yourself, so read on, discover our sopaipillas recipe, and get ready to make this lovely Mexican treat. Continue reading

Traditional Capirotada Recipe

This delicious capirotada is a Mexican bread pudding with raisins, cinnamon and apples. It is a wonderfully textured dessert, bursting with flavor. This recipe for capirotada gives you a decadently rich dessert which is packed with delicious flavors. The brown sugar and pecans shine through especially. You can serve capirotada with whipped cream, ice cream or butter and it is wonderful served warm. If you like hot, fruity, satisfying Mexican dessert dishes, capirotada is not one to miss out on because it is so delicious.

Don’t let the extensive ingredient list put you off because this is not one of our difficult Mexican dessert recipes. In fact, it doesn’t take long to make at all and you probably already have most of the ingredients. Serving this after a meal is sure to impress everyone, and because this is rather a hearty dessert you should not serve too much of the entrée first. Just ensure people are still a little hungry after the main dish and they will love this dessert even more. They will not be hungry after finishing their bowl of capirotada. Instead they will feel comfortably full and satisfied.

To make it you need to fry your bread first, and then make a tasty, aromatic liquid with the spices. More ingredients go into the mix and then the bread mixture and sweet, spicy syrup are layered in a baking dish and the whole thing goes into the oven where it will start to smell incredible and make your mouth water! Serve it hot, warm or chilled, with or without ice cream, cream or both. However you choose to serve your homemade capirotada you are sure to fall in love with the amazing flavors and south of the border appeal it offers. Continue reading

Mexican Candy Recipes

Wonderfully Unique Mexican Candy

Mexican CandySpicy and sweet are the two most common tastes in Mexican treats. A unique blend of flavors is an appropriate description of almost any Mexican candy. Visitors are often surprised to find the taste of jalapeno or the fire of chili powder on what they are expecting to be a sweet candy. The salty, spicy flavors add to the complete taste of the treat and rather than overwhelming the candy’s identity, help to create a new and unusual blend of the many flavors of Mexico.

Tamarind is the most common Mexican candy ingredient. It is a popular fruit originally from Asia and adapted to Mexico. Tamarinds are delicious when eaten fresh. Uses include making a cool, tropical delicious drink mixed with sugar and water. Tamarind pulp flavors chutney, preserves and meat sauces, and is used to pickle fish. It is no wonder that such a diversified ingredient makes Mexican candy special. The candies are made by mixing the sweet and sour taste of the pulp with dry sugar and molding it into desired shapes.

Another typical Mexican candy, Chamoy has a fruit base of mango, apricot, or plum. It is a sour, sweet, and salty treat. Chamoy is included in fruit sauces and frozen treats like slushies. Dip mangoes and other dried fruits in chamoy sauce to complement the sweetness of the dried fruit. It is prepared as a liquid, powder and pasty form and can be enjoyed by itself or when added to other sweets and fruits. The standard sweet candies in Mexico are delicious. Once visitors try the unusual blend of flavors in other candies, they will find the traditional composition a delightful and enjoyable treat. Continue reading

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