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Mexicali Breakfast Burrito Egg and Avocado

I am getting close to the big day and I hope you have been enjoying the twelve days jingle You didn’t jump ahead I hope here is the link for today’s verse “12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Cuatro“. It is a fun little jingle to help get you there and I hope you have been celebrating with the daily recipe suggestion what better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday than through its food. Now of course you can actually serve any Mexican inspired dish there are no set food rules for Cinco de Mayo unlike Thanksgiving it has no special items only served on that day although recipes from the state of Puebla are commonly featured.

If you love Mexican inspired recipes why not try starting your breakfast of with a nice breakfast burrito they are a wonderful way to make a hot breakfast for the family that the kids will love as they are so much fun to eat. This recipe is really straightforward and I do offer some suggestions in both the recipe text and photo description on ways to modify this so please do take the time to ready the whole page it has tidbits of info throughout the whole text.

Sorry about missing yesterday my husband and I take my father-in-law out to the grocery store so he can get out and check out the goodies he is 87 so he lets us do the driving. Whatever the case it ended up being too late by the time we got back to get a quality recipe out to you so this got delayed a day. I will not skimp quality on anything just to say I did sorry not my style. If I can’t do it right I would rather not do it at all and I am particular about my sites I have been in a constant quality improvement program since day one and today’s recipes are a far improvement from where I started I have made little advancements whenever something I thought would improve the sites over time. Continue reading

Mexicali Nachos with Beef and More

I want to start out with a brief note of something I did last year for the buildup of the big fifth of May holiday where I rewrote the words to the famous Christmas jingle the twelve days of Christmas with a distinctly Mexican holiday flare if you missed day one last year you can find it here. Now this is the link to day one you can jump through the full thing or treat yourself to one at a time like I did last year “12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Uno“. Each day is connected to a different recipe so if you want to draw the holiday out for the full twelve days feel free to do so and check back to see what I have add new each day. I know I am a bit behind as I have had some health issue get in the way so sorry.

Also another slight site note I am doing some experimenting with the ad layouts and while most sites are adding more I am actual removing some and playing around with the layout. I am doing this for one important reason – “SPEED” see the sites all of their number one user is me and I spend a load of time on line and if I can speed my sites up I spend less time waiting for loading and thus work more efficiently. Now behind the scenes I already use one of the fastest and most robust servers available which makes our sites speed scores very impressive but I am a geek at heart and speed is something we regularly test for and adjust to squeeze every bit of it out of the sites as we can. Ads are a necessary thing to pay for this but they are also one of the things that slow any sites load time down so removing them is an instant speed gain.

So while others are loading their sites in loads of ads I am doing just the opposite and I hope you like the new layouts. See I am still a user too and I understand none of us likes them but that serve does cost money and my silly kids have this thing about eating sorry I know the nerve of them so please understand I do think of every user and that includes me. As for the upcoming holiday it is the third biggest food day in America only behind Thanksgiving and the Superbowl and to think it is really a Mexican holiday although celebrated more north of the border then south. Maybe they should think of that before anyone decides to build a wall. Continue reading

Authentic Chiapas Pork Empanadas

This recipe comes from Chiapas, a Mexican state. Chiapas cuisine is a mixture between indigenous and European influences, similar to most Mexican cuisine, but Chiapas food retains a lot of its indigenous heritage, including the use of the chipilín herb and hoja santa in local soups and tamales. Chiapas cuisine does not use as many chilies as in other provinces though. In fact, locals prefer sweet food to the spicy alternatives. A lot of the state is suitable for raising cattle, which is why beef is popular in this region, and plenty of cheese is produced.

There are plenty of tamale recipes from Chiapas, as well as the beef and dairy delicacies. Chiapas cuisine is not as well-known as, for example, Oaxacan cuisine (Oaxaca is right next door) but it is worth exploring. The following recipe shows you how to make empanadas in the typical Chiapas style. These are amazing served for lunch or even late supper, and you can use any leftover roast meat to make them. The dough is homemade and you can use pork lard for authentic results, or unsalted butter if you prefer. Grind the spices using a spice grinder, mortar or molcajete.

The dough for these empanadas is made with flour, butter, egg, water and salt, while the filling is made with pork, onion, tomatoes and spices. Despite making your own dough, these are incredibly simple to prepare, and it is well worth making them from scratch, the dough included. You can either use a food processor to make the dough or mix the ingredients by hand. Then you need to roll it out and you can freeze it for future use or fill it with the filling, as you prefer. The filling is similarly easy to prepare and you do not need many ingredients. Fill them and press them closed, perhaps using a fork, and then apply egg wash to ensure they come out of the oven golden brown. Continue reading

Una Cerveza con Limon

This is one south of the border beverage which really needs no introduction. You might be wondering which dishes to prepare for your Cinco de Mayo festivities, but one thing is sure – you probably already have the drinks figured out, and there is sure to be some ice cold beer involved in your planning somewhere. And if there is not, then maybe you simply forgot to add it to your list, because we promise you ‘una cerveza con limon’ is going to be a very popular choice at your party. You will also want to offer soft drinks and maybe some other south of the border choices too.

Early May is usually warm, even hot, depending whereabouts you live, and this refreshing drink is not only typically Mexican and refreshing, but it is fair to say it pairs with pretty much every single cuisine, and Mexican food is no exception. It can really cool your mouth after eating those hot flavors and contrasts perfectly with those chili pepper-rich dishes. Ensure you have enough ice or refrigerator space to keep the beers cold and plenty of slices of lemon or lime to add that Mexican twist. Served as an aperitif or along with your Cinco de Mayo Mexican food, the beer is a must-have.

‘Una cerveza con limon’ is such a simple Spanish phrase, even non-Spanish speakers recognize it. It is often one of the first Spanish phrases learnt in fact! But why are we adding a slice of citrus to the drink? This practice is largely unknown in Mexico, but Mexican beers are often served this way outside Mexico. A premium beer has very little acidity, which is why a little citrus, in the form of lemon or lime, adds a fresh, bright zing to the flavor. Many Belgian and German beers are served with lemon, not just Mexican ones. This is personal choice. If you do not like the citrus, it is an optional touch. Continue reading

Crunchy Mayan Pork Tostada Cup Appetizers

Are you looking for a delicious Mexican appetizer which packs plenty of flavor into every mouthful and can be served as finger food? If so, this is the perfect recipe. Teaming a spiced pork filling with a crispy tortilla shell, these Mayan pork tostada cups are the perfect thing to serve as soon as your dinner guests arrive, or you could make them for a potluck dinner or enjoy them as the first course on Cinco de Mayo. They are as versatile as they are easy to prepare, and the ingredients are really easy to find. Anyone can make these little treats.

The first thing to do is make the tostada cups, and the simplest way is to use a cookie cutter to cut rounds out of flour tortillas. You can them press them into muffin cups and bake them until they are firm and cup-shaped. You can do this with whole tortillas actually, shaping them inside or over larger cups, then you can serve a salad in each one. But for tostada cups, you will want them on a smaller scale because these are served as an appetizer or snack. While they are baking you can prepare the filling which is a tasty spiced pork mixture.

If you prefer to make the cups in advance that is fine. You can store them in an airtight container for up to 24 hours. The filling is made with pork tenderloin, along with onion, jalapeño, adobo, chili powder, cumin, Sazón, and tomatoes. You can alter the amount of jalapeño used, depending if you want it spicy or not. Let both the tostada cups and the pork mixture cool before assembling these, then you can finish them off with some red onion, avocado, mint or cilantro sprigs, or anything else you want to use as an attractive garnish. Continue reading

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