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Mexicali Breakfast Burrito Egg and Avocado

I am getting close to the big day and I hope you have been enjoying the twelve days jingle You didn’t jump ahead I hope here is the link for today’s verse “12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Cuatro“. It is a fun little jingle to help get you there and I hope you have been celebrating with the daily recipe suggestion what better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday than through its food. Now of course you can actually serve any Mexican inspired dish there are no set food rules for Cinco de Mayo unlike Thanksgiving it has no special items only served on that day although recipes from the state of Puebla are commonly featured.

If you love Mexican inspired recipes why not try starting your breakfast of with a nice breakfast burrito they are a wonderful way to make a hot breakfast for the family that the kids will love as they are so much fun to eat. This recipe is really straightforward and I do offer some suggestions in both the recipe text and photo description on ways to modify this so please do take the time to ready the whole page it has tidbits of info throughout the whole text.

Sorry about missing yesterday my husband and I take my father-in-law out to the grocery store so he can get out and check out the goodies he is 87 so he lets us do the driving. Whatever the case it ended up being too late by the time we got back to get a quality recipe out to you so this got delayed a day. I will not skimp quality on anything just to say I did sorry not my style. If I can’t do it right I would rather not do it at all and I am particular about my sites I have been in a constant quality improvement program since day one and today’s recipes are a far improvement from where I started I have made little advancements whenever something I thought would improve the sites over time. Continue reading

Breakfast Burrito with Bacon and Potato

A burrito is basically a filled tortilla rolled up in a specific way. Burritos can be enjoyed for lunch, dinner, as a snack, or even for breakfast, depending on the filling you decide to use. This dish consists of a wheat flour tortilla which is folded or wrapped around a filling. A burrito completely encloses the filling, unlike a tortilla which is served flat or in a U-shape with the filling exposed. You can see how this recipe is really filling and tasty, and how burritos can make a very flavorful and satisfying evening meal, perhaps accompanied by one or two sides.

The tortilla is typically steamed or lightly grilled to make it soft, and meat with refried beans is the usual filling in Mexico although burrito recipes vary widely in the United States. You can find Mexican rice or plain rice in burritos here, along with lettuce, beans or refried beans, salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and meat. Burrito is Spanish for ‘little donkey’ and one explanation for the name is how a burrito looks a bit like the bedrolls and packs donkeys used to carry.

The Mesoamericans in Mexico used tortillas to wrap foods like avocado, squash, mushrooms, chilies, and tomatoes, before the modern burrito was developed. The Puebla people in the Southwest US would fill tortillas with meat and beans, and the modern style of burrito is actually not all that different. The tortilla is the vehicle for the filling. This snack is a traditional food in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, where roadside stands and restaurants do a roaring trade. Villa Ahumada and other Northern Mexican towns are also famous for burritos. Continue reading

Wonderful Chicken and Chorizo Breakfast Burritos Recipe

Spice up your mornings with this great burrito dish, waking the family up to the smell of chorizo and filling their bellies with this amazing south of the border treat. Serve these with guacamole, sour cream or tomato sauce, or without if you prefer. Burritos are usually served as lunch or dinner, but they are also perfect breakfast fare, so why not consider this recipe if you want to make something extra-special for your family, offering a wonderful breakfast or brunch?

This recipe combines fantastic tastes in the form of chorizo, a salty sausage with lots of flavor, along with chipotle pinto beans or another kind of beans if you prefer, rice, eggs, and some chopped cooked chicken. You will find this makes not only a tasty filling but also something with the perfect consistency to hold together inside the tortilla. You might prefer your south of the border dishes spicy, in which case feel free to add in a drained can of jalapeño slices, or a spoonful of chili powder. You can also swap the beans for kidney beans, black beans, or even mixed beans.

If you usually have the same thing for breakfast every day, consider this for a special treat. You will still be getting your eggs but instead of being fried, poached or scrambled, they are going to be combined with tasty south of the border ingredients and used to fill tortillas, to make these lovely burritos. You can adapt the recipe if you wish, swapping some of the ingredients for others, or even making it vegetarian by switching out the chorizo and chicken for extra beans and/or cheese. Make this your own and you will get the perfect flavor and amazing results. Continue reading

6-Ingredient Breakfast Burritos

Are you looking for a quick and easy breakfast that you can make for your family before school or on a busy day? Try these breakfast burritos and your family will be ready for the day with a full tummy. Nobody is going to be hungry again before lunchtime rolls around because these are lovely and filling. The whole family is sure to agree. They make a lovely change from your usual cold cereal or Pop-Tarts, and the Mexican flavors are sure to thrill your palate.

If you buy readymade breakfast foods so that your kids have a quick and easy but nutritious breakfast as they head out the door for school, then that might sound like a good idea initially. But take into consideration the cost of a box of 6 breakfast burritos is about 5 dollars. This sounds fairly reasonable and it could be if you get them on sale. Well, what if I told you that for the price of just one box of premade breakfast burritos you could make about twice that amount for your family at home with little effort on your part. Of course homemade burritos taste much better than those frozen ones you get.

Making these quick, easy and tasty burritos is super-fun and simple to do. Anyone can manage this recipe with complete ease. Furthermore, when you make these to freeze for your family’s future breakfasts, you will know exactly what foods and seasonings are in them, because you made them yourself. Commercial burritos contain all kinds of additives in the form of chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives, and the rest. Who wants to eat all then when they do not have to? Do yourself and your family a favor and make your own burritos for breakfast. Continue reading

Savory Black Bean Burritos with Summer Squash

Summer may be a long way off, depending when you read this, but if you have a garden (or just live near a good produce market or farmer’s market), then you know how plentiful zucchini, yellow crookneck squash and other summer squash are in the summer – and just how great they taste when they’re in season. This summer squash burrito recipe is best with fresh summer squash picked at the peak of flavor in mid to late summer and it makes a great way to use up some of that surplus squash from the garden or market.

Zucchini and other summer squashes are popular ingredients in Mexican cuisine and this is one dish which you may find at taquerias and Mexican eateries in your area, if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. It is a vegetable which takes well to almost every kind of dish and burritos are just one example of the adaptability of this summer favorite.

Here, fresh, juicy summer squash is shredded and teamed up with black beans, onions; garlic, jalapeno peppers, and cheese for a filling burrito which makes a great way to get your vegetables. If you are a vegan, then the cheese can easily be omitted – these burritos are fantastic with or without dairy. Continue reading

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