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Awesome Beef and Bean Chimichangas Recipe

This fast and easy dinner recipe is also delicious and spicy, and you can make it if you want to heat up your dinner table tonight and serve something new for your family to enjoy. If you are tight on money one weekend evening but want some really good and spicy Mexican food without going to a restaurant, why not try our chimichangas for the result you are dreaming of without spending much at all on ingredients. These are so delicious and have just the right amount of spice to satisfy your craving for an authentic Mexican meal.

Ground beef, ground cumin, Monterey Jack cheese, chili powder, garlic salt, bell pepper, taco sauce, whole kernel corn, refried beans, chopped onions, and 8 large flour tortillas are all you need to make this wonderful dish and perhaps you already have these ingredients in the store cupboard and refrigerator. Prepare and cook the chimichangas according to our easy-to-follow directions, and then you can top then with chopped lettuce (iceberg is good), tomato, a dollop of sour cream and guacamole. Add extra hot sauce or salsa too if desired.

Additionally, a side of refried beans and Mexican rice would go nicely for this scrumptious meal. You might want to serve a basket of crisp, lightly salted corn tortilla chips with bowls of hot queso, salsa, and guacamole to set the stage for this magnificent Mexican platter of beef and bean chimichangas. In fact, the only thing missing might be the mariachi band! Take a bite, close your eyes and you could be in your favorite Mexican restaurant. Continue reading

Black Bean, Rice, and Cheese Chimichangas

Chimichangas, those savory, exceptionally filling deep fried variations on the burrito are something that people usually love once they have tried them. It’s hard not to like a deep fried burrito, after all – and since like burritos, you can fill them with anything you like, you can ensure that your chimichangas match your appetite, whatever you happen to feel like having.

One of the more popular fillings for chimichangas on both sides of the Rio Grande is a classic: refried black beans and rice. Along with cheese, jalapeno and onion along with plenty of salsa, it’s hard to beat a black bean and rice chimichanga for a satisfying and filling meal which hits the spot every time.

This is an easy recipe to make, so do not worry if you have never tried making chimichangas before. You can do it – and once you see how easy it is to make, you will probably want to make them a regular part of your Mexican culinary repertoire. Continue reading

Chicken and Bacon Homemade Chimichangas

Bacon: it is something that almost everyone loves (except for those who avoid it for religious or dietary reasons, that is). Many people say that bacon makes everything better – others would go so far as to say that a world without bacon is a world which they simply would not want to live in. Whether you are a bacon fan or a bacon fanatic, one thing is true and that is that adding bacon to a chicken chimichanga gives you a dish which is hard to beat.

As you have probably gathered by now, this is basically a chicken chimichanga recipe with one very special secret ingredient: bacon. Think of it as a south of the border style, deep fried club sandwich, and you will be on the right track.

Bacon (or tocino in Spanish) actually is relatively popular as an ingredient in Mexican cuisine especially at breakfast, though it does not often show up in burritos; or for that matter, chimichangas. However, you can change all that by making this surprisingly easy and delicious bacon chimichangas recipe.
Continue reading

Simple Chicken Chimichangas Recipe

Named for a Spanish word roughly equivalent to the English “whatchamacallit,” chimichangas are a favorite in the US southwest, parts of Mexico and are a staple of Tex-Mex cuisine. There is some dispute about exactly when and where they were first made, though they are definitely a dish with origins in the 20th century, but there is one thing that everyone can agree on: chimichangas are delicious.

A deep fried (or sometimes baked by more health conscious cooks) cousin of the burrito, chimichangas are as versatile as the standard burrito. They can be filled with pretty much whatever you like, with one of the most popular choices of fillings being chicken.

This is an easy to prepare chicken chimichangas recipe which can be made in very little time. Even if you are not much of a chef, you can easily make this recipe and impress your family, friends, and other dinner guests. As some people say, everything has better deep fried, so why not burritos? That is basically what a chimichanga is and as it happens, it is true what they say about deep frying. Continue reading

Baked Black Bean and Ground Beef Chimichanga Recipes

Chimichangas (Spanish for “whatchamacallit” or “thingamajig”) are a favorite of many of those who have tried them. A popular part of Tex-Mex cuisine as well as a fairly common dish in the parts of northern Mexico where they are believed to have originated, the chimichanga is a savory, spicy package of deep fried goodness which has to be tasted to be believed.

Since they’re more or less a deep fried burrito, chimichangas tend to be filled with the same kind of ingredients as you’ll see in any other kind of burrito, with beef and black beans being especially popular choices. This healthier alternative to the usual beef and black bean chimichanga recipe combines both of these popular ingredients but is baked instead of deep fried. It is an incredibly delicious choice if you are feeling like a very substantial Mexican meal.

It is very easy to make these beef and black bean chimichangas; it is just like making burritos except for the last step – deep frying. Even if you have never even heard of chimichangas before, you can make this recipe; and you will definitely be pleased with the results. Continue reading

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