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Tex-Mex Chicken and Pepper Fajitas

Ok so it is not a fajitas in the truest sense of the word but hey guys some of us gals like chicken more than beef. Good thing I am not in Texas or they would be sending a lynching party after me about now but from the safe haven of my home I can tell the guys out there that many of us ladies actual prefer chicken to beef and I feel that in 2016 I can come out and safely say it. I mean in today’s day and age we should feel safe saying we like something other than the special cow.

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with beef it is a wonderful meat and many recipes would not be the same without it. On the same hand chicken is a delightfully light and versatile meat that by the way is the most popular meat in the world and second isn’t cow by the way guys. Now I am sure right now some Texas legislator is writing a bill to present before the Texas legislature banishing my site form all Texas schools but you know something someone had to do it and I think I am just the woman.

I have dared to cross the line in this whole Tex-Mex expansion and even challenge the supremacy of the beloved Texas beef industry. Right now there are ranchers gathering to collect hit money to silence my ramblings and wild ideas of ways to turn the whole Mexican Tex-Mex debate on its ears. I might even have some family members from the beloved Lone Star State disavowing any relationship to me also. I am sorry if this all seems a bit farfetched but you would not believe some of the comments on these issues I have gotten over the many years of bringing Mexican inspired food to an ever growing audience. Continue reading

Tex-Mex Iron Skillet Chicken Fajitas with Peppers

Ok my line is drawn I have declared full out war on stereotype food snubs. The plain fact is I like chicken and I like fajitas so I am going to make one with shh… chicken… If you are willing to cross the food snub line and hold a protest with me come on welcome… Hell no we won’t go… Oh wait my husband is having flashbacks on me from across the room. The fact of the matter is I have toyed with the food line to this point but with this recipe I declare full out war of the food borders.

Want chicken on your fajitas then come on board once you except chicken on fajitas there is a whole other world of possibilities that opens up. Dare I think maybe you might drink white wine with beef why hell because you like white wine better than red (me too) and after all we only get to eat a few times a day we might as well enjoy each of them.

Heck if someone can deep fry an Oreo I can put chicken in fajitas without fear of the food police knocking down my door with a food warrant. I know I am being very sarcastic and kind of ridicules isn’t it well that is the whole thing when you put up preconceived food barriers to what taste good. Food should be judged by the only criteria that matters does it taste good. I have a strange idea to make a bacon fajitas I mean I love bacon (anyone miss that point yet) and fajitas are onions and peppers usual so why not bacon I’m onto something. Continue reading

Crockpot Chicken Fajitas

There is a big difference between fajitas which are served in a restaurant and those which are made at home, and we are not talking about the ingredients. In a restaurant people expect the meat to come served on a sizzling platter. The platter is made to sizzle by putting a little butter in one corner just before carrying it through the restaurant to your table, and the whole point of the sizzle is to encourage other diners to order the same dish. Try this at home though and the effect is not quite the same.

The sizzle is all about showcasing the dish and getting other people to order it. If you happen to have metal platters though, by all means try this trick if you want, but piling the chicken and vegetables on a red-hot metal platter is unlikely to do anything apart from begin to overcook them, and once they are perfectly cooked in the slow cooker that is not really necessary, so leave the theatrics in the restaurants and instead focus on optimum flavor and presentation. Fajitas are easy to make, and the slow cooker makes this process still simpler.

All we are using here, apart from the chicken, peppers and onion, are fajita seasoning and a little broth. Everything else is served on the side, namely the tortillas and any toppings you wish to have. If you do not have fajita seasoning, use taco seasoning. Perhaps you do not have either but you have plenty of spices. This means you can make your own. Combine a tablespoon of chili powder with a teaspoon each of salt, black pepper and cumin, ½ teaspoon paprika, and ¼ teaspoon each of onion powder, garlic powder and red pepper flakes. Easy! Continue reading

Vegetarian Fajitas with Squash and Mushrooms

Have you been searching for a new dinner recipe that is sure to heat up the dinner table tonight? Try my amazing veggie fajitas. This very easy recipe is full of delicious vegetables and unbelievable flavor. These vegetable fajitas are quick to make and very filling too. The best part is these are not quite as heavy on the stomach. They are filling but without giving you that overly full feeling beef ones or even chicken ones can give. Vegetables sautéed in garlic with the cilantro gives a delicious flavor. You have never had vegetables this flavorful.

These wonderful vegetable fajitas are simply wonderful for the vegans in the family. Simply substitute vegan cheese which should be available at any store. It will not take away from the wonderful flavor of these vegetable fajitas. You can serve these by themselves or with Spanish rice (also called Mexican rice). What a wonderful easy dinner for the family. The next time you or your family is craving Mexican food try these easy vegetable fajitas. Be sure to make plenty, you will be amazed at how great they taste.

So why are fajitas so popular? Well one reason is how well-balanced they are. Soft, tasty wraps surround your filling and of course all the tastiest seasonings are in there too, to offer a great south of the border flavor. Fajitas are actually Tex-Mex but they are too tasty not to include here, so unless you are limiting yourself to strictly authentic Mexican dishes only, try serving up some Tex-Mex to your hungry family at dinner time. Continue reading

Vegetarian Fajitas

Fajitas are a favorite of many people who enjoy Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine. They are easy to prepare and of course, easy to love as well. They can be made with grilled meat and onions along with sautéed peppers or with all of the ingredients prepared on the stovetop instead; they are delicious either way, but of course, if you are able to grill your ingredients, your fajitas will be even more enjoyable.

Now of course, not all fajitas need to include meat; for instance, check out this vegetarian fajita recipe. It still features the robust, deep flavors of grilled (or roasted, if you do not have a grill) bell peppers, onions and in the place of meat, seitan.

In case you are unfamiliar with seitan, this is a food made from wheat, consisting almost solely of the protein (gluten) in the grain. It makes a wonderful meat substitute, especially for dishes which call for beef or pork. For this recipe, we will assume you are using premade seitan which is already seasoned; it is not all that hard to make your own, in case you were wondering, but that is a subject for another day – for now, our focus is on these amazing vegetarian fajitas.

It is hard to go wrong with fajitas; and especially with these satisfying vegetarian seitan fajitas, everyone at your table will want to go back for seconds – and thirds, so you may actually want to double the recipe if you will be serving more than four people or if you and your guests are especially hungry. Fajitas have a way of disappearing fast; and while they are definitely best eaten hot as soon as they are prepared, few Mexican food lovers will say no to reheated leftovers either. If you have never had seitan or any other meat substitutes before, this fajitas recipe makes a great introduction to the world of vegetarian recipes. Continue reading

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