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Mexican Food Recipes

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Skirt Steak with Tequila and Lime

You do not have to buy expensive steaks in order to get juicy, flavorful results. Although it is nice to enjoy a T-bone or strip steak every now and then, there are other cuts which need to be prepared differently but offer the same juice and flavor for less than half the price. Take skirt steak, for example. This cut of meat is naturally tough which is why it is usually marinated or slow-cooked to break down those tough fibers, but if you plan ahead, and ensure you have time to marinate it for a few hours, you can expect a really succulent feast.

For our marinade, we are pairing tequila, lime juice, garlic and jalapeño with soy sauce, green onion, sugar, black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. This is a very flavorful mixture and the lime juice helps to tenderize the meat. Try to marinate it overnight if you have time or, if not, give it a minimum of 3 hours so the flavors can penetrate into the meat. Near the end of the marinating time, you can prepare the grill or barbeque. Get it hot because this steak just needs a few minutes per side to cook it to perfection.

Grilling is not the only option for marinated skirt steak and if you do not want to fire up the grill for just a few minutes of cooking, or if you are not planning to cook anything else on there, you might prefer to sear the steak in a pan and finish it off under the broiler. Either cooking method is fine, but if you have the barbeque on, then use that because the smoky flavor will really enhance the taste of the steak, adding a new dimension of flavor to it. Served with sliced avocado, corn tortillas and perhaps sour cream, this makes a wonderful meal. Continue reading

Albondigas in Sauce – Mexican Meatballs

This is such a versatile recipe. You can serve the meatballs as an appetizer or have them with rice as the main dish. ‘Albondigas’ is the Spanish word meaning ‘meatballs’ and their history can be traced back to the sixth century. Moorish culinary traditions were integrated into Spanish cuisine, and then the Spanish conquistadores introduced them into Mexico where they became equally popular. Although the original albondigas recipe would have been made with lamb, rice and mint, the ingredients changed depending on the location.

While lamb albondigas would have been popular in the Middle East, beef, chicken and ham would have been used in Spain, and then chicken, turkey, chorizo and beef are the predominant meats used in Mexico. Meatballs can be served dry, in a sauce or in a stew or soup. They range in size from very small to large, and common flavorings used to make them include garlic, cilantro, carrot, onion, jalapeño, vinegar, oregano, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, egg, breadcrumbs or rice, black beans, or whatever else you want to add.

Possible garnishes include hot corn tortillas, green onions, sliced avocado, cilantro, shredded cheese, fried tortilla strips, sour cream, and salsa or pico de gallo. The following recipe prepares the meatballs and the sauce separately and then combines them so the meatballs can poach in the sauce. They soak up the sauce flavors to ensure not only a wonderful flavor but this also keeps them moist of course. Choose either ground beef or lamb for these, or use half of each. You can also use ground venison, pork or another meat if you prefer. Continue reading

Mexican Beef Picadillo

This recipe is really tasty and is based on ground beef. Although shredded meat is popular in Mexico, it is all too often replaced with ground beef north of the border, and this dates back to when Mexican immigrants into the US would use the cheapest ingredients available to make their traditional dishes. If you want to use shredded beef in the following recipe rather than ground beef, go ahead, but it is also very tasty using the ground beef. Our recipe can be made in just 10 minutes, or you might want to add more optional spices, or even potatoes to make it more hearty.

The word ‘picadillo’ refers to a ground beef filling. In Mexico, Tacos are usually filled with shredded (not ground) beef but if they are using a picadillo then they will typically add chili, garlic, oregano, cumin, and perhaps cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and maybe lime juice, dried fruit and/or nuts too. Sometimes water is added and allowed to cook off, resulting in more tender beef and mellowed flavors. Ground beef is usually made from round, chuck, and other tough cuts of meat, which means simmering them for a while can help get the meat really tender.

Potato is a component in some interior Mexican and US-style picadillo recipes, because the starch from the potato helps bind it all together and the potato also adds its own character and taste to the mixture. Our recipe allows you to make a basic picadillo using ground beef, oregano, chili, cumin and garlic, and this can be cooked in about 10 minutes. Optionally you can add cinnamon, cloves and allspice for extra flavor, or you might like to add potatoes to the picadillo to make it heartier and add more flavor. The choice is yours. Each of these 3 options is tasty. Continue reading

Zesty Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bake

Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe that you can make when your entire family comes over for dinner or to take for a pot luck gathering? Try my delicious fiesta chicken and rice bake. This delicious meal is the perfect entrée for a hungry family and boasts a variety of south of the border flavors. Tender chicken breasts are perfectly seasoned and served on a bed of spicy seasoned rice with healthy vegetables. This is wonderfully flavored and a sure bet to become a family favorite very quickly.

This fiesta chicken and rice is so flavorful and full of color with the fresh vegetables it is literally a fiesta to behold – one taste and your taste buds will awaken from their siesta. Your family will most certainly believe the loud brass, guitars, and violins of the Mariachi band were playing vibrant Mexican tracks in your very own dining room. If you enjoy Mexican food you are going to love this dish, so go ahead and create a fiesta in your home with this easy recipe. If you want to adapt the recipe, consider adding a can of corn to the rice mixture or even kidney beans or black beans.

This is a very easy recipe to make, as well as a colorful and appetizing one. All you need to do is combine some of the ingredients together then spoon the mixture into a dish. Add your chicken breasts on top and season them. Add some lime juice too to add that zesty touch, using fresh lime juice if you can, for a fresher and more authentic flavor. If you have a fresh lemon and no lime, simply use the juice of half the lemon and you can get the same zesty finish. Swap the black pepper for red pepper flakes instead if you want to make it spicier. Continue reading

Pan-Fried Salmon Mexican Style

Salmon is a wonderful fish to work with but make sure you get a good quality piece. This recipe calls for filets not steaks. Choose fresh (not frozen) salmon and pick some filets that are about 1 or 1¼ inch thick. A good indicator of freshness is a bright pink color. Fresh salmon smells like water not like fish. If you are using vacuum-packed fish then use the best before date as a freshness indicator as well as the color.

Salmon can be baked, pan-fried, roasted, grilled, or even cooked in the crockpot. The following recipe uses a skillet and a little oil for a pan-fried result. Pan-frying is a nice cooking method because it is so easy and you can keep an eye on the salmon the whole time. If you wrap it in foil and bake it, you have to open the oven (letting the heat out) and unwrap the salmon to check doneness. With pan-frying you can tell at a glance when it is done, making it a good cooking method for the beginner. Pan-frying is faster too.

Serve the finished salmon with a side salad or with your favorite Mexican vegetable side dish. It would be good with Mexican rice or you can even make a sandwich with the salmon, adding some mayo too. This is quite a spicy recipe so if you prefer your food milder just make sure you scrape out the seeds from the chili (those are the hottest part!) or use ¼ of a chili instead of ½ of one. You can even grind some chili powder over the fish if you do not have a fresh chili pepper. The end result will be very similar. Continue reading

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