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Mexicali Smooth Guacamole in Glasses with Tomatoes

Yesterday’s nacho recipe got me thinking Mexican inspired appetizers and that usually means one of only a few things in most people’s mind, either salsa or guacamole. Now you could replace the tomatoes in this appetizer with salsa of your choice a tomato based salsa would be a nice replacement. But in this dish I use nice fresh tomatoes to give it a nice cool element which is why I also suggest refrigerating it for a bit before serving to so it has a nice cool element in it although there is not a lot of heat in this one there is a bit from the Chipotle peppers I use in the guacamole.

Now you know I have been focusing on the lead up to the fifth on north of the border cuisine and this is for two parts one I have set out on a one woman crusade (in a good way) to change peoples opinion of the whole north vs. south of the border food debate and set my eyes on showing people that labels are silly good food is just that good food. Well as part of this I have tried to focus on dishes and recipes although distinctly Mexican in feel they are not what you would call traditional or authentic in the more basic of ways but if someone was to put them in a category they would come closes to a real Mexican dish then say any other cuisine type and therefore something of interest to my readers.

Now one of the largest places outside of Texas and Mexico of friendly Mexican inspired cooks would have to be California and Southern California in particular thus hence the name Mexicali. Now when I asked some of my staff and dear friends if they had ever heard of it most had said no and I replied think Tex-Mex only with a California influence just as Tex-Mex is prevalent in Texas so is Mexican inspired cuisine in the Golden State. It only makes sense and to think that these immigrants are any different than the Italian American’s contributions to Italian cuisine or Chinese immigrants contribution to Chinese cuisine why would southern Californian immigrants from the land of Mexico be any different. Continue reading

Black Bean and Avocado Salsa with 2 Kinds of Corn

Salsa is always good, and it is perhaps the quintessential Mexican dip. Not only is salsa a dip of course. It can also be served as a sauce or condiment. There are so many different types to choose from. You will never get bored of salsa recipes because there are so many to choose from. Whatever kind of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, or vegetarian dish you are making, there is definitely a salsa recipe which will match it, perhaps something with mango, pineapple or another fruit, a spicy salsa, a chunky pico de gallo type, or something simple.

The following recipe teams 2 kinds of corn with 2 kinds of onion, adding in black beans, cilantro, bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic and avocado. A little lime juice and extra-virgin olive oil goes into the salsa to finish it off beautifully. This is not a spicy salsa recipe, making it ideal for a crowd-pleaser. Not every is into spicy food, so keep the flavor tasty and mild, and if anyone wants to spice it up they can add their own hot sauce. This recipe makes enough for about 25 servings, so it is ideal if you are having a large gathering and want to serve homemade salsa.

Some people use canned tomatoes in salsa to give it more juice and a softer texture, but while some people really like this twist, others do not, so do whatever you prefer. With the corn and beans, ensure you drain and rinse them before using. For the other ingredients, try to cut the ingredients into a similar-size dice so the ingredients are easier to combine. Served with tortilla chips, corn chips, crackers, or anything else you want to dip, this salsa makes a fragrant, flavorful and colorful appetizer. It would make a great centerpiece. Continue reading

Simple Fresh Tomato and White Onion Salsa

Salsa can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it, but the difference between an OK salsa and a great one is in the ingredients. You will be able to see and taste all the ingredients in the finished condiment, so it pays to use good quality ingredients, and that does not just mean fresh ones but it means fresh ones you have selected by hand. Take a careful look at your tomatoes, garlic, onion, and other fruits and vegetables before purchase and ensure you have chosen unblemished, perfectly ripe ones. Believe us – that make a big difference.

Perhaps you know about pico de gallo, which is similar to salsa but the pieces are cut into larger chunks and there is less juice. The following recipe falls somewhere between the two. The pieces are small enough so you can serve this as a dip, and there is also some juice, but it is not a smooth liquid dip like some of the commercial salsas you can buy. It is up to you, as the cook, how finely you chop or mince your ingredients. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect consistency their salsa or pico de gallo should be, so use your own judgement.

Making this chunky salsa is really easy. You will need tomatoes, white onion, green onion, cilantro, and perhaps some jalapeño if you like your salsas to have a bit of a kick. Throw in lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil and a little salt and your salsa is complete. The jalapeño is optional but recommended, and the extra-virgin olive oil can be left out if you prefer a drier pico de gallo type finish. It is important to let the salsa sit at room temperature for half an hour before serving because the flavors combine and mellow out. Continue reading

Delicious Vidalia Onion and Peach Salsa

This delicious recipe for Vidalia onion and peach salsa is terrific with grilled pork chops, burgers, tacos, or plain chips. Like the Maui onion, the Vidalia is renowned for its sweet, mild flavor. Grown around Vidalia, Georgia, this onion helped the Georgia farmers during the Great Depression. Farmers turned to onions in the hope that they could grow a good crop. When they grew, everyone was surprised that they did not have the usual heat that onions were known for.

Eventually, the Vidalia onion became world famous. Today, the Vidalia onion is the state vegetable of Georgia. They are used in all sorts of delicious recipes like the one we share here. Vidalia onions are a good source of vitamin C and they add a lot of flavor to your cooking. When you select onions in the store, be sure to look for onions that feel firm and heavy for their size. This indicates the onions are fresh and juicy. Use your onion within the week for the best flavor.

Onion salsas are so simple to make, yet they make a big impression. Combining the onion with peaches creates a wonderful taste sensation in the mouth. The soft, sweet peaches mingle with the slightly spicy yet sweet, crunchy onions. The tomatoes, peppers and other ingredients help meld these two primary ingredients together, creating a wonderful salsa that works well for dipping as well as serving as a condiment. Try some with your pork chop or burger next time. You will see why the Vidalia onion made Georgia famous. Continue reading

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We have everything from appetizers and snacks to soups, drinks, entrées, and much more. You will find everything from mild dishes to super-spicy ones, simple recipes based on fresh ingredients up to more complex ones suitable for a dinner party.

Home cooks just starting out with Mexican cooking tend to be surprised how much of the emphasis is placed on using fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices. Forget the typical ideas about Mexican food being all beans, cheese and beef (that applies a little more to Tex-Mex), take inspiration from authentic Mexican dishes based on fresh ingredients, and inject all your passion into cooking South of the border food, for perfect results every time.

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