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Tomatillo Salsa

Roasted Tomatillo Green Chili Salsa

A lot of people like salsa verde, or green salsa; some of us even prefer it to the usual tomato based variety of salsa, while others enjoy both styles equally. Regardless of which camp you fall into, you probably like to have salsa verde on occasion and may be interested in a green salsa recipe which you can make at home.

If so, then this roasted green salsa recipe is one you should definitely try. It is every bit as good as any you will find at your local Mexican grocer and perhaps even as good as is offered at your local Mexican eateries. It is pretty easy to make and the flavors you end up with are a more than ample reward for your efforts in the kitchen.

The most difficult part about making this wonderful roasted green salsa recipe is that you will need to make a stop at your local Mexican grocer in order to pick up some ingredients which you probably do not have on hand. You will need tomatillos, Serrano peppers, Pequin chilies, fresh cilantro and jalapeno peppers (the last two are probably available at your neighborhood grocery store as well, but the quality will often be better at a grocer which specializes in Mexican ingredients). Continue reading

Unique and Flavorful Green Salsa Recipe

Green salsa is a favorite of many people, in some cases more so than the usual tomato salsa. While most green salsa recipes are made from tomatillos (a close relative of the tomato), others use green tomatoes rather than tomatillos, and in some cases, a salsa recipe may call for both.

The following green salsa recipe is one of those; it includes both a hefty amount of tomatillos as well as a bit of green tomato. The slightly different flavor of these two fruits makes for a well-rounded salsa, which satisfies both tomatillo lovers and green tomato fans.

This salsa is especially good with chicken and seafood dishes, but as anyone who is serious about their green salsa knows, this is a salsa which goes equally well with just about anything. Continue reading

Easy Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

If you were to ask the average person who enjoys Mexican cuisine to tell you what is in a salsa verde (green salsa), they would probably shrug and tell you that they are not sure what is in it, but they know that they like it. As it happens, the main ingredient in green salsa is something, which may taste familiar enough, but it is probably not familiar to most people.

Tomatillos, a close cousin of the garden variety tomato are the main ingredient in salsa verde and while it was once difficult to find these fruits outside of Mexican markets, they can now be found in many groceries. They resemble small green tomatoes covered with a brown, papery husk; they must be husked before using, though these skins are easily removed.

Once you have the tomatillos on hand, this easy tomatillo salsa is something that almost anyone can prepare in short order. This salsa can be made using a food processor, though it is not strictly necessary. This salsa tastes equally as good whether you choose to make it a chunkier hand-chopped salsa or one, which is more of the nearly pureed variety. This easy to make tomatillo salsa is simply wonderful, no matter how you slice it (quite literally). Continue reading

Tomatillo Green Chili Salsa

Green salsa (or salsa verde, as it is known in Spanish) is less common than is its familiar tomato-based cousin, but is definitely becoming more popular on our side of the border. It is used more often in cooking than it is as a dip for tortilla chips, but as anyone who counts themselves a fan of tomatillo green chili salsa will tell you, it is great for that as well.

The tomatillo, for those of you unfamiliar with this fruit, is a close relative of the tomato. Their flavors are very similar, but not quite close enough that they can be substituted for one another. Tomatillos have a flavor which is uniquely their own and one which makes them an ideal base for salsa.

This green tomatillo salsa recipe combines tangy tomatillos with mild green chilies (this is one of those rare occasions where canned chilies are fine to use in a salsa recipe) as well as onion, cilantro, lime and spicy jalapeno peppers. Together, they make a salsa, which is perfect with chips as well as being an ideal foil for chicken, beef, and seafood dishes. Once you make this tomatillo green salsa for yourself, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Continue reading

Mexican Salsa Verde Recipe

Salsa verde is a type of green salsa which you will find at virtually any Mexican restaurant, lunch counter or sidewalk taco cart; you are more than likely already familiar with this salsa. While it is a popular variety of salsa, it is not one, which many of us make at home, at least not in the United States.

However, the ingredients to make this wonderful salsa right in your own kitchen are widely available, so there is nothing stopping you from making this terrific Mexican salsa verde recipe and enjoying it on chips, tacos, really anything that you would have any type of salsa with. With a recipe as good as this one, you will definitely want to find more uses for salsa as well.

Salsa verde is made from tomatillos, a fruit which is a member of the nightshade family like tomatoes, to which they are closely related. While they were once rare in US grocery stores and produce markets, they can now be bought fresh almost everywhere. One note here: although you can also find canned tomatillos, do not use them for this recipe. The flavor of fresh tomatillos is so far superior to the canned variety that there is absolutely no reason not to go with fresh fruit for this recipe. Continue reading

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