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Tomato Salsa Recipes

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Simple Fresh Tomato and White Onion Salsa

Salsa can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it, but the difference between an OK salsa and a great one is in the ingredients. You will be able to see and taste all the ingredients in the finished condiment, so it pays to use good quality ingredients, and that does not just mean fresh ones but it means fresh ones you have selected by hand. Take a careful look at your tomatoes, garlic, onion, and other fruits and vegetables before purchase and ensure you have chosen unblemished, perfectly ripe ones. Believe us – that make a big difference.

Perhaps you know about pico de gallo, which is similar to salsa but the pieces are cut into larger chunks and there is less juice. The following recipe falls somewhere between the two. The pieces are small enough so you can serve this as a dip, and there is also some juice, but it is not a smooth liquid dip like some of the commercial salsas you can buy. It is up to you, as the cook, how finely you chop or mince your ingredients. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect consistency their salsa or pico de gallo should be, so use your own judgement.

Making this chunky salsa is really easy. You will need tomatoes, white onion, green onion, cilantro, and perhaps some jalapeño if you like your salsas to have a bit of a kick. Throw in lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil and a little salt and your salsa is complete. The jalapeño is optional but recommended, and the extra-virgin olive oil can be left out if you prefer a drier pico de gallo type finish. It is important to let the salsa sit at room temperature for half an hour before serving because the flavors combine and mellow out. Continue reading

Family Favorite Summer Strawberry Salsa Recipe

There are plenty of salsa recipes out there, which call for a sweet ingredient to provide a counterpoint to the heat of the jalapenos or other hot peppers in the recipe as well as to the tart acidity of tomatoes and citrus. These sweet ingredients tend to be fruit, generally tropical fruits like mangoes or pineapples, both of which have found a warm welcome from salsa lovers.

These are of course not the only fruits, which can fit comfortably into this spicy condiment, however. As it happens, strawberries make a great addition to traditional salsa where their sweetness and flavor offer a very special spin on conventional tomato-based salsas.

This strawberry salsa recipe lets strawberries and tomatoes share center stage, with each ingredient being present in roughly equal proportions. Also featuring jalapenos, garlic and lime in supporting roles, this is a salsa which you’ll find yourself and your family enjoying almost anywhere you would normally use salsa; and perhaps even a few places that you wouldn’t usually think to add salsa. Continue reading

Chunky Pineapple Salsa

Pineapple is one of those fruits that has a lot of admirers and very few detractors. It is something, which just about everyone loves, but that most of us do not actually eat all that often. For the most part, people just do not know what to do with this sweet-tart tropical fruit other than to eat it fresh or include it in one of a relatively small number of dessert recipes.

While these are perfectly good uses for pineapple, it can also be the star of some great salsas, like this chunky pineapple salsa recipe. With sweet pineapple, the heat of jalapeno peppers and chili powder, the herbal zip of cilantro and black pepper and the tangy citrus flavor of fresh lime juice, this is a salsa, which gets you to stand up and take notice.

Better yet, it is a very easy salsa to make; even more so if you are using a food processor. Like any other salsa, though, it will taste better if you give it some time for the flavors to blend, but it is also easy to make this chunky pineapple salsa recipe ahead of time. Continue reading

Specialty Salsa Chipotle

If you are a fan of the hot, smoky flavor of the smoked jalapenos known as chipotle peppers, then you are in for a real treat with this chipotle salsa recipe. While it is more common to see fresh jalapenos take the starring role in salsa, at least as far as peppers are concerned, here they play a supporting role to their smoked cousins.

Including both chipotle and fresh jalapeno along with ancho chili, garlic and plenty of onion, cilantro, and lime juice, this is one salsa which definitely demands attention. Hot, smoky, and assertive all around, this is a salsa which is ideal for those who like it hot.

Like most salsa recipes, this chipotle salsa is a pretty quick and easy one to make yourself. All it takes is a little chopping and mixing and you are done. Not bad for a salsa recipe which gets attention anywhere it goes! Continue reading

Roasted Poblano and Green Chile Salsa

If you have ever been to New Mexico or other parts of the American southwest, green chili is something you are probably familiar with. These mild, roasted green chili peppers have a flavor which is all their own which nothing can substitute for in recipes.

Even if you are normally somewhat averse to hot peppers, green chili salsa is something you can enjoy; these peppers have just a hint of heat, but plenty of flavor. This green chili salsa recipe combines New Mexico-style roasted green chilies along with roasted poblano peppers and green tomatoes or tomatillos for an unbeatable salsa verde.

If you have never had roasted chili peppers before, you are in for a treat – and if you are already a fan of green chili, then you know just how good a salsa made with these roasted peppers can be. Continue reading

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