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Aromatic Mexican Clear Sauce

Although there will always be a place for thick, rich Mexican sauces, such as mole sauce which goes with chicken or turkey, or some kind of spicy chili sauce that is heavenly with beef or pork, there is also a place for thinner, lighter sauces, especially when you want the emphasis to be on the dish itself instead of on the sauce. Take burritos for example. If you are serving something with so many delicious ingredients and flavors inside and you just want the sauce to accompany rather than overwhelm, you will be looking for something lighter and more delicate than what you might normally opt for.

Although you can swap the chicken bouillon in the recipe for beef bouillon, that will offer a darker color and a richer taste, so we usually use chicken bouillon to keep the flavor light. A little flour is helpful for thickening up the gravy and because this one simmers for a while before serving, we use all-purpose flour instead of cornstarch. If you want to use cornstarch instead that is fine. All-purpose flour needs to be cooked else you will taste the ‘floury’ flavor and that is not what we want to happen here, we just want to thicken the sauce up very slightly. If you want it the consistency of water, leave out the flour altogether.

While the chicken bouillon and flour are the main 2 ingredients in the gravy, we still wish to give it a south of the border flavor, and we are doing that by including white wine and a touch of cumin in there. If you want you can add a little tequila and/or a few drops of hot sauce. That is optional though, so if you do not have any, do not worry about it. Black pepper is also fine but white pepper will be invisible in the finished sauce rather than looking like little black ‘specks’ in there. To keep the focus on the main dish, keep the sauce as light and simple as you can. Continue reading

Mexican Green Sauce Recipe

Are you looking for a fast and easy Mexican green sauce recipe? This one is easy and works great as a dip for nachos or chips. If you need a good sauce for enchiladas or burritos then why not try this simple, delicious Mexican green sauce recipe? Featured below is how we make the tastiest of sauces to top of your Mexican dinner. It works great for dipping or as a sauce. This one is sure to be a huge hit with any Mexican food fans and it is simple to prepare.

Mexican Green Sauce Recipe

Are you fixing Mexican food for dinner this weekend and want a different sauce to put on top of your enchiladas or for the nachos you made for lunch? Well then try out this recipe and see what you think. This green sauce recipe is just the thing for dipping chips into or you can put it on top of your entree or even have it with chicken or fish as a condiment/side dish.

The savory spicy taste of jalapeno blended together with lime juice, salt, tomatillo, chilies, cilantro, and garlic makes for an excellent piquant sauce you and your whole family will love. Why use costly store-bought sauces and salsas when you can make your own for a whole lot less? Continue reading

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