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Black Bean Nacho Bake Recipe

This simple black bean nacho bake recipe is an all-time favorite at my house on Mexican food night. My kids really love nachos and they don’t mind the black beans at all. Some kids just refuse to eat any kind of beans, but with this black bean nacho recipe, kids will eat everything you put in front of them because the combination of ingredients works perfectly. A kid-pleasing recipe is always difficult to find but this one might sold all your problems.

Each child is different and some dislike one kind of beans so they assume they will dislike them all. However, in this dish, kids eat every bite. They love the cheesy pasta and the delicious flavors. It offers a healthy serving of fiber and there is calcium in there too. This is a great black bean nacho bake which is fuss-free and fun to make. It is totally meat-free but full of fiber and you will not even miss the meat. Serve this very easy black bean nacho bake with a tossed green salad on the side. It is a great healthy meal for the whole family.

From start to finish this meal can be ready in about 30 minutes, making it a quick and easy option for those busy weeknights too. By the time you have finished helping the children with homework this delicious black bean nacho bake will be ready to serve and the amazing aroma will be floating all around your house, tempting everyone out of the other rooms and into the kitchen or dining room to see what that incredible smell is. You won’t even have to shout out that dinner is ready because one sniff of this and everyone will be ready to eat. Continue reading

Basic Mexican Rice with Vegetables

One of the authentic Mexican recipes that every cook should know about is Mexican Rice. Mexican rice, also recognized in the United States as Spanish rice, is basically a side dish that is made out of garlic, parsley, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and of course, rice. These ingredients change from recipe to recipe though. Sometimes it is made spicy, other times mild, and you can throw all kinds of ingredients into it to make it unique.

The ingredients in Mexican rice are usually cooked by sautéing them in a skillet, before adding some stock. Some veggies are also commonly mixed in, such as corn, peas and carrots perhaps. The dish is served warm as a side dish. What is ironic with this dish often called Spanish rice is that it is unknown in Spain. Know that the Mexicans and Mexican foodies were not the ones who coined the term; it was named as such probably because the Spanish language is used by Mexicans. In Mexico, the dish is simply called ‘arroz’ which means rice in Spanish.

Mexican rice is a well-known food in the United States, especially in the Southwest, where it is usually accompanied by grilled and stewed veggies for a tasty Mexican or Tex-Mex style meal. It offers balanced colors, flavors and textures, and is served together with other Mexican dishes both north and south of the border, and offers a tasty side dish which the whole family will find very tasty. The following basic Mexican rice recipe is guaranteed to excite your palate. It is very basic, including garlic, tomatoes and vegetables to add flavor to the rice. Continue reading

Vegetarian Fajitas with Squash and Mushrooms

Have you been searching for a new dinner recipe that is sure to heat up the dinner table tonight? Try my amazing veggie fajitas. This very easy recipe is full of delicious vegetables and unbelievable flavor. These vegetable fajitas are quick to make and very filling too. The best part is these are not quite as heavy on the stomach. They are filling but without giving you that overly full feeling beef ones or even chicken ones can give. Vegetables sautéed in garlic with the cilantro gives a delicious flavor. You have never had vegetables this flavorful.

These wonderful vegetable fajitas are simply wonderful for the vegans in the family. Simply substitute vegan cheese which should be available at any store. It will not take away from the wonderful flavor of these vegetable fajitas. You can serve these by themselves or with Spanish rice (also called Mexican rice). What a wonderful easy dinner for the family. The next time you or your family is craving Mexican food try these easy vegetable fajitas. Be sure to make plenty, you will be amazed at how great they taste.

So why are fajitas so popular? Well one reason is how well-balanced they are. Soft, tasty wraps surround your filling and of course all the tastiest seasonings are in there too, to offer a great south of the border flavor. Fajitas are actually Tex-Mex but they are too tasty not to include here, so unless you are limiting yourself to strictly authentic Mexican dishes only, try serving up some Tex-Mex to your hungry family at dinner time. Continue reading

Spiced Black Bean and Corn Side Dish

Are you looking for a Mexican black bean recipe that will make a great side dish for your Mexican meal? This black bean dish is so good that it is like having a fiesta in your mouth every time you take a bite. No Mexican meal will be complete without having a big bowl of these black beans to go with your enchiladas or tacos. Try this easy Mexican black bean recipe the next time you prepare south of the border cuisine for dinner, and watch how pleased everyone is with the magnificent flavor.

This Mexican black bean is a natural choice to accompany your enchiladas or taco dinner. Deliciously seasoned with just the right amount of spice and great taste, this makes a perfect side dish to a traditional Mexican dinner. Perhaps consider green chili chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, and this wonderful Mexican black bean side dish. Don’t forget a nice bowl of guacamole salad, salsa, and cheese dip with chips. Add glasses of frozen margaritas for adults and delicious ice tea for the youngsters and you have a splendid meal.

This Mexican black bean side dish is very easy to make as well as high in fiber and other nutrients. So, they are not only delicious but healthy for your family too. The American Heart Association recommends everyone increase their fiber intake for a healthier diet. There is a whopping 59.8 percent of fiber in just 1 cup of black beans – not only that but also a healthy 28% of thiamine, and 20% iron, just to mention a few nutrients. Now, that gives you the makings of a healthy side dish which is full of flavor too. Continue reading

Mexican Green Sauce Recipe

Are you looking for a fast and easy Mexican green sauce recipe? This one is easy and works great as a dip for nachos or chips. If you need a good sauce for enchiladas or burritos then why not try this simple, delicious Mexican green sauce recipe? Featured below is how we make the tastiest of sauces to top of your Mexican dinner. It works great for dipping or as a sauce. This one is sure to be a huge hit with any Mexican food fans and it is simple to prepare.

Mexican Green Sauce Recipe

Are you fixing Mexican food for dinner this weekend and want a different sauce to put on top of your enchiladas or for the nachos you made for lunch? Well then try out this recipe and see what you think. This green sauce recipe is just the thing for dipping chips into or you can put it on top of your entree or even have it with chicken or fish as a condiment/side dish.

The savory spicy taste of jalapeno blended together with lime juice, salt, tomatillo, chilies, cilantro, and garlic makes for an excellent piquant sauce you and your whole family will love. Why use costly store-bought sauces and salsas when you can make your own for a whole lot less? Continue reading

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