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Spicy Crockpot Bean Chili with Fresh Jalapeños

A lot of chili recipes are very similar. Although there are hundreds of different chili recipes to choose from, including plenty of vegetarian options, most of them do call for ground meat and/or beans, along with chili powder. What we are doing here though is slightly different. Instead of the chili powder we are using fresh chilies to give a fresh taste and plenty of spicy flavor to the mix. This makes a wonderful dinner and you can tweak the amount of chilies used, even the type.

We suggest using jalapeños here because they offer a spicy flavor without being too hot or masking the other flavors. Jalapeño chilies come in red or green and they are probably the most famous type of chili peppers. Ripe jalapeños can be up to 3½ inches in length and they are usually sold while they are still green. This pepper was named after Xalapa, a town in Veracruz, were it was traditionally grown. Other names for jalapeños in Mexico include cuaresmeños, chiles gordos and huachinangos. There are plenty of other names for them too, although north of the border they are simply known as jalapeños.

Most of these peppers are picked while they are green. They begin turning red as the growing season nears its end. Most red jalapeños are used in the production of chipotle peppers, because the green ones are believed to be superior. They give a lovely taste to our vegetarian chili recipe, adding a delicious bite to the flavor. Save some to garnish the finished dish, because they add a striking color to the presentation and let people know they are about to eat something spicy! You might want to serve sour cream on the side to contrast with heat. Continue reading

Wonderful Warming Turkey Chili

Are you looking for a great chili recipe to make on those chilly winter nights when your family is sitting around the fireplace – something that will make them smile and fill their bellies, and something which is easy for you to make? Try my great turkey chili recipe and it will tick all the boxes. Anyone can make chili because it is so easy, and the fresh taste is really pleasing. This is such amazing comfort food and the flavor is simply incredible. It is easy to make and you will want to make it again and again.

There are hundreds of different chili con carne recipes and people have their own preferences too, so you can tweak the flavors, making it hotter or milder, or adding other veggies or swapping some of the ingredients for others. Make it your own and it will be so yummy. Using turkey instead of red meat is healthier because turkey is naturally low in fat and cholesterol and therefore far better for you. Second, for those that normally do not like the taste of ground turkey this recipe makes the flavor of the ground turkey with the vegetables and other spices for the perfect result.

Sometimes you do not want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking elaborate multi-course meals. In fact even some 3 course meals can take a lot out of you after you have already worked elsewhere for 8 or more hours. Sometimes you just want a bowl of hot and steamy comfort food. Comfort food means many things to many people but in this case comfort food refers to an awesome bowl of turkey chili and this is not a dish that will disappoint anyone. To make a pot of this turkey chili you will need a variety of aromatic ingredients including taco seasoning, chili pepper flakes, coriander, sour cream, turkey, and more. Continue reading

Low Carb Chili

Simple, Easy Low Carb Chili

This is a recipe for low carb chili. This chili recipe is low carb, low calorie, low fat, high protein and high fiber, so you get all kinds of great health benefits when you make this. Cooking it is simple, fast and easy. Just open the cans and stick them in the crockpot, then you can walk away for a few hours. What I love about this chili recipe is that it’s so universal. I take the low carb chili with me to pot lucks, homeless shelters, BBQs and parties. Everyone always raves about it.

Trying to watch your carb or fat intake? This low carb chili is an excellent cold weather meal choice that fits right in. Very high in fiber, low in fat and carbs, it is a perfect way to enjoy delicious chili.

This low carb chili is very simple to make and basically cooks itself, leaving you free to do other tasks. While you do other things around the house, you will be catching whiffs of this delicious low carb chili as it simmers slowly. The tantalizing aroma will have you craving a bowl as soon as it is done! Continue reading

Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili

Good things come to those who wait…especially when it comes to chili. This slow cooker recipe is a great dish to put on before leaving for work, and is ready when you get home. Knowing that a hearty, high protein, low in fat chili is waiting for me at home sometimes gets me through that long workday. The benefit of slow cooking, generally, is that the meat becomes incredibly tender, and that the flavor saturates over time.

This slow cooker recipe for white chicken chili is assembled quickly with chicken thighs, canned beans and zesty tomatoes. The chopped onions, ground cumin, and dried oregano leaves are some basic chili enhancing ingredients that bring out the flavor that captures the taste bud’s undivided attention. If you’re a true Mexican food lover, add a dash of chili powder for that extra kick. If a thicker chili is desired, drain one can of beans. In addition, the chili may be topped with a dollop of sour cream and served with a lime wedge.

Some think that a slow cooker recipe is a time consuming endeavor that should only be done for special occasions. However, it is quite the contrary. Simply add everything to the pot, set a phone reminder, and go about your day as usual. In reality, you’ll probably only spend 5 minutes in the kitchen! Continue reading

Healthy Vegetarian Chili with Red Wine and Garlic

Vegetarian chili recipes can be every bit as tasty and rich as meaty ones. You just need to know what to put into them. The following recipe is hearty and flavorful. The green pepper, onion, tomatoes, beans, celery and garlic go well together and the wine, chili, herbs, and spices give the dish plenty of taste. If you do not want to use red wine, you could use water in this vegetarian chili recipe in its place.

This chili recipe can be frozen if you like. If you want to freeze it, leave off the sour cream. Let the chili cool completely, then cover it and freeze it for up to two months. When you want to eat it, thaw it overnight in the refrigerator, and then heat it in a big pot over a medium heat, stirring it every ten minutes. Cook it very slowly for about half an hour, and then serve it with sour cream. Chili recipes normally taste even better when they are reheated actually; the flavors are more intense and more blended.

Feel free to alter the following chili recipe if you want to use other vegetables. Traditionally a “chili con carne” just contained meat and chilies, and perhaps some beans, but this dish now usually contains ground beef, tomatoes, beans, chilies and more. Chili can be served with rice or by itself. Cornbread muffins go nicely too and these serving ideas apply to vegetarian chili recipes just as much as meat ones. Continue reading

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