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Mexican Soup

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Jalapeño Spiced Mexican Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is loved all over the world, and pretty much everyone has their own recipe for it, so when you have a recipe this good, what reason could there possibly be to improve or adapt it? Although that might be what a lot of you are thinking right now, there is definitely a reason why adding a south of the border twist to classic chicken soup is well worth doing.

Once you have tried the Mexican version of chicken soup you might very well want to keep it as your go-to chicken soup recipe. It offers all the benefits of traditional chicken soup, being warming, hearty, delicious, and nutritious too, but it offers additional flavors as well. Regular chicken soup is comforting and tasty, and this Mexican soup takes those factors up to the next level, adding extra appeal to this already-delicious classic. You will be able to admire how the Mexican herbs and spices work in harmony to take the whole experience to a brand new level.

The cilantro adds a unique fragrant touch. Do not omit it from the recipe because this classic Mexican flavor is one of the main flavors in there and helps balance out the spices. Cumin is also an importation addition because it changes the aroma and taste of the broth. The addition of jalapeño chilies add that special spice and kick which your taste buds will love. If you like chicken soup and you also like Mexican food, you are sure to enjoy this wonderful south of the border take on chicken soup. It is not difficult to make and the flavor is just amazing. If you are still not sure, why not grab the ingredients and try making a batch? It is hard to describe just how tasty this soup is, so why not make it yourself and discover the delicious taste? Continue reading

Crockpot Bean and Chicken Taco Soup

Regardless of how much or how little experience you have had in the kitchen, you are sure to find this a very simple recipe to make. If you are in the mood for a tasty chicken soup, consider this crockpot chicken taco soup recipe which is hearty, warming and so yummy. Homemade chicken soup is always welcome and the whole family is sure to enjoy the taste of this.

There are plenty of chicken soup recipes to choose from but this one is particularly good because of the south of the border twist. This is just what everyone wants to have for dinner on a chilly winter evening. This adaptable soup can be changed however you want just by adding extra meat or veggies, or substituting some of the ingredients for others. Use what you have on hand. This recipe offers an interesting twist on the traditional chicken soup recipe you are sure to already know and the whole family should really like it.

You will need chicken breast, onion, beans and corn, tomatoes and tomato sauce, beer, and taco sauce to make it, along with cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips for the perfect garnish. Follow the recipe below and you will be able to make this wonderful Mexican taco soup, and it is made in the crockpot which means the flavors will be extra mellow and well-blended. Crockpot cooking is also very easy. Simply dump the ingredients in there, remove and shred the chicken when it is done, then put it back in, and give the soup a couple more hours. That is all you need to do to make this magical dish and your reward will be the most fantastic flavor. We are calling this a soup but actually it is somewhere between a soup, stew and chili in terms of flavor and texture. Continue reading

Healthy Quinoa Vegetable Stew

Quinoa has been around for a very long time now; this grain-like seed of a plant related to spinach, Swiss chard, and beets was cultivated by the Incas long before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, but has only recently started making inroads in North America.

This tasty and highly nutritious food tends to win over most people who try it and as a result, quinoa is being seen more and more commonly in homes and at restaurants all around the world, especially in the US and Canada. Containing almost all of the essential amino acids, quinoa is often thought of as a health food and, while it is indeed healthy, it would be a mistake to think of it as something to be eaten only for its nutritional value.

This vegetarian quinoa stew recipe is a delicious side dish or entrée, which is ideal for cold winter weather, yet light enough to be served at any time of the year. Try serving this recipe along with a green salad for a flavorful, healthy, and vegetarian lunch or dinner. Continue reading

Spicy Easy Pozole Rojo Recipe

Pozole is a staple of the Mexican table. This deeply satisfying hominy stew comes in many variations, any of which makes a great lunch or dinner, especially in chilly winter months. Pozole rojo is a fiery version of this classic Mexican dish; with smoky, spicy guajillo chilies and seitan and bacon bits standing in for the pork traditionally used in this recipe, this is a delicious way to warm up.

This pozole rojo recipe is simple to make and needs to simmer for half an hour, leaving you free to do other things – perhaps you fancy making some delicious skillet cornbread to serve with it. This easy pozole rojo recipe is plenty satisfying to serve by itself though so the cornbread, or any other kind of bread for dipping, would be optional.

You can adjust the amount of guajillos used to make the pozole as spicy or mild as you prefer. The garlic and oregano lend the dish a savory taste, which will make this soup a hit in your household whether you like it hot or a little milder. This pozole is usually served with sliced avocado, radishes, lime wedges, and fried tortillas strips to make for a truly mouthwatering meal. Continue reading

Hearty Meatless Pozole Verde

Pozole, a hearty soup that predates the arrival of the Spanish in the new world, is eaten all over Mexico and in the southwestern United States. Made with hominy and chilies, and usually served with lime wedges and other fresh vegetables as a garnish, this is a filling and delicious soup which is a meal in itself. Traditionally, pozole is made with pork, but this vegetarian version is every bit as satisfying.

There are many different pozole recipes; this recipe is for pozole verde (green pozole) which is one of the most popular varieties of this traditional Mexican soup. In this recipe, seitan (wheat gluten) and artificial bacon bits (which are made from soy, as it happens) stand in for the pork; seitan takes on a similar texture and the bacon bits add a touch of similar flavor.

The pumpkin seeds (available in Mexican groceries) add a hearty, earthy flavor and the tomatillos add a lively acidity and give the soup its characteristic green color. If you enjoy making soup recipes, you will like this pozole verde receta because it is not hard to put together and it is a typical Mexican dish, which is full of flavor. Continue reading

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