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Mexicali Black Bean Tacos with Two Meats

When I first saw the finial picture for this dish it reminded me of one of those cute mom moments we all have when our children were young (if yours are still are it will happen be patient) and it happened one night when my husband was in the kitchen creating something out of stuff from the pantry and some ground meat we had on hand for a quick dinner for myself and the first two boys. Dakota had to be all of maybe four at the time and little did he know he was about to make family meal time history.

See we had a rule about when myself or dad would create something completely new in the kitchen that the kids got to name it if it was an unkown recipe or dad original which he is known for. Well here’s what went into the soon to be named dish. Some ground meat fried up until browned a jar a salsa, a can of B&M onion and brown sugar baked beans a package of taco seasoning and about half a bunch of celery. Now this dish I will tell you was one of those that taste really great but we all admitted feel short in the looks department.

Now I don’t remember Zak’s name he came up with but Dakota took one look at this and said Yuck before ever even trying it, he did and loved it although it was a bit spice for them and subsequent meals would have kid friendly modifications. Such as losing the salsa and switching to cumin, coriander, and chili powder oh and granulated garlic too. It was so cute when Dakota said Yuck of all the names that meal got that was what stuck. Now imaging me as a mom in the recipe business having to explain that one so the recipe never made it to one of my sites but went on to become a family favorite. I mean those wonderful Mexican spices and with the sweet of the baked beans it was just such a natural pairing. Continue reading

Mexicali Broiled Sushi Tacos

Now one quick suggestion you may want to double up on the Nori sheets for a bit of strength to your taco shell in this one. If you ask most people where did sushi come from most people will answer simple Japan. Well this recipe may give you a different take on where seafood tacos served in sushi wrappers came from and that question is not as simple to answer. Well this version is my own so I suppose you would have to a say Connecticut but I really was California dreaming on a spring day for this one.

Now a couple thoughts on this recipe before putting it under the broiler you may want to sprinkle some fresh grated parmesan cheese on them is one option or skip the broiling process all together and enjoy these cold they will do fine in either of these two variations. Also don’t overload the Nori sheets with too much filling or you’re going to be picking a lot up with a fork as an afterthought. I like these for a nice summer meal you can cook the seafood and mushrooms the night before and mix it all together and then cover it put it in the fridge and eat it the next day cold on a hot day is lovely.

If you want to fully enjoy the Mexicali experience this is the kind of recipe that will let you discover why California is such an important part of the culinary culture. Now just as Texas influences the way Tex-Mex cuisine is differing yet similar to real Mexican cuisine so is California’s influence on Mexicali cuisine. These two very important states from many perspectives have unique geographical locations and distinct cultural factors that play a large influencing part in how the two cuisines are similar yet in many ways very different from the original Mexican cuisine just like Chinese and Italian chefs and immigrants have been influenced by their immigration into the United States. Continue reading

Mexicali Margarita Quesadilla

Quesadillas don’t always have to have one, meat and two, be heavy. This Mexicali recipe is the perfect hot weather or light lunchtime meal it is kind of like a BLT in fact knowing me I am surprised I didn’t put bacon in it. Not this time although I think bacon makes pretty much everything better. Well this time I restrained myself and held back for one big reason I did not want to offend a whole nation and culture by polluting their beloved Margarita pizza recipe with extra ingredients even if in retrospect it might be a new idea down the line.

I had given you a couple of Mexicali taco recipes to get this category rolling and it was starting to seem like taco night so I wanted a fresh take on today’s recipe and this one seemed to fit the bill very nicely. It is not a typical quesadilla and is more like an open-ended wrap so don’t cook these long just a bit of crispness you are looking for an almost uncooked tortilla type of presentation as the fresh ingredients do well in their natural state so no need to cook this to death and try and melt the cheese like in a normal quesadilla.

So in that respect it is more like a BLT sandwich with the bread just lightly grilled and the inside nice and cool and fresh tasting. Mhh the idea of that BLT quesadilla keeps surfacing now I’m thinking lettuce might have been nice but no bacon, no lettuce the tomatoes get plenty of good stuff in the form of the basil and the cheese. Now I say use feta or goat it is really a preference goat would be good for people with lactose issues so there is that point otherwise it is merely a matter of taste. Continue reading

Mexicali Shredded Chicken Tacos with Fete Slaw

Ok if in the photo description I didn’t get my east coaster dig in at California I am not going to do it here I mean they have given this great country of ours so much and although they seem a bit out there when you look at it over time they just seem to be ahead of the curve on the rest of us in the way of coming up with great ideas. I could name a whole list of trends that started there but that would be redundant and it isn’t my point. The point is it is finally Mexicali recipe time here at the site.

I know I have a couple recipes already in this category but they ended up in the mix by coincident more than design as where this recipe right from the start was intended for this category. So, it is very fitting it is a taco with a very different take on Mexican inspired cuisine. It dawns on me too we are down to crunch time on the big holiday push so I wanted to make sure I got this category pumped up a bit.

This 5th will be my 10th anniversary of bringing Mexican inspired dishes to the net and what better way to do it then with a very Mexican meal the humble taco done up in a Mexicali style that is sure to turn a few heads if I hadn’t done that already by branching out into Tex-Mex and Mexicali on what started out as an “Authentic Mexican Food Site” well you know my reasons for doing this so I am not going to rehash that, Mhh hash oh ADHD again, so sorry. So I have for you today a taco but not just any kind of taco a Mexicali one. Continue reading

Mexicali Baja Street Tacos Carne Asada

When I looked at this recipe although I had originally been thinking of doing it as a Tex-Mex recipe the taco tortillas are really not in the Tex-Mex style. So it is time to reach and although this could go in the regular taco section it reminded me more of LA street food and thus I ended up putting it in the Mexicali category. Just as with my Tex-Mex section I am not too hung up on labels and names and such it is here because frankly it is where I wanted to put it. The main thing is try it, enjoy it, and call it whatever you like. I gave it a name as all recipes have to have one just one of the rules to a website it will not let you leave the name blank.

So I wanted something that would sound inviting and when I think of basic good food taco trucks come to mind I don’t know why really no reason for it but it just sounds like food I would want to eat for lunch and as a mom it sounds like something easy for dinner. I mean look at the ingredient list is pretty simple and basic you don’t need a lot to put these together and I wanted nice small sized tacos that would be easy for my twins to eat not just my older ones.

I am always trying to balance life out between work, family and other things I am into as we all are and I like to think of recipes for weeknights that are easy to prepare I figure if I am trying to keep this all in balance what do mom’s that also have a commute on top of it have to do. I mean I save at least an hour a day when my office is literally about ten feet away. So if you’re stuck in traffic what do you have to do when the end of the day comes around in order to get good wholesome meals on the table and still have something left for you at the end of that day. Continue reading

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