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Barbacoa Chicken Flautas

Mexican recipes are a tradition in many homes and so many people enjoy recipes like barbacoa flautas to serve at dinner time. An authentic recipe for barbacoa flautas is so delicious the whole family will be begging for seconds and thirds. You can make a variety of side dishes to go with them. Spanish rice and refried beans are just some of the sides you can enjoy with this tasty and authentic recipe, or you can come up with your own favorites.

Mexican food is a popular cuisine in so many homes because it is filling and affordable for everyone. So many cultures and variety of people enjoy this cuisine and you can eat Mexican recipes like barbacoa flautas on a budget. You will not have any worries about overspending on an expensive meal when you have great tasting Mexican food you can make at home, quickly and easily, and there are certainly plenty of traditional Mexican recipes to choose from, including the crunchy little snacks known as flautas.

Homemade Mexican food is way better than anything you can get at fast food places. Save yourself the time and money and start cooking at home some good old fashioned barbacoa flautas. Next time people are coming over for dinner you need to make them this new recipe and watch their eyes light up. The aroma of Mexican recipe fills the air when you make the best flautas around. Make this Mexican recipe and many more for a low cost. Save yourself the hassle of fancy dinners because these barbacoa flautas taste just as great as anything from the restaurant. Continue reading

Authentic Mexican Chicken Flautas Recipe

Learn how to make your own Mexican chicken flautas for appetizers or to serve as a main dish. These little Mexican snack wraps are perfect for parties or dinner. You can serve all your favorite side dishes with them to make a complete meal, so maybe consider Spanish rice, black beans, refried beans, and all your favorites, to round out the dish to perfection. Great Mexican recipes for chicken flautas are the perfect palate-pleasers for any occasion, so if you want a change from the beef or pork ones you usually make, consider chicken as your filling.

These Mexican chicken flautas are sure to be absolutely the best you have ever tasted and not only because they are handmade with love. The recipe is simple and foolproof and you can have fun making them too. You will want to make this recipe again and again for the family. They really are so easy to prepare and even the kids can help if they want to get involved. These are a great movie night easy food item. For a fabulous tray of finger foods for family movie night, try Mexican chicken flautas, a few jalapeño poppers and homemade burritos.

This is so easy for a family night. Let the children help put these together. Serve with sour cream and salsa for those who prefer. With this very quick recipe there is no need to spend all evening in the kitchen. They are easy and inexpensive to make but very delicious, so make these and you are certainly going to be presenting a winning meal which everyone will be delighted with and request that you make again, Continue reading

How to Make Flautas with Green Chili

Flautas, in case you are not familiar with them, are a close cousin of tacos and enchiladas, though their smaller size lands them decidedly under the umbrella of appetizers or snacks, though you could certainly make a meal out of them if you were so inclined.

Named for the Spanish word for flute, these little fried tortilla tubes may be filled with a variety of things, from meats to cheeses and vegetables. While the options are many, the common element in just about every recipe for flautas is that the filling is a savory one.

In this green chili flautas recipe, the flautas are filled with roasted green chilies – the canned New Mexico-style green chilies are perfect for this dish, though you can go ahead and roast your own if you like. Also included are Monterey jack cheese and corn to round out the earthy-sweet-spicy flavor of the green chilies with their own unique tastes. Continue reading

Chipotle Smoked Pork Flautas

If you have ever made a large smoked pork roast and wondered what to do with all of the leftovers, we have an answer for you. Mexican cuisine is rich in pork recipes, many of which pair the meat with the spicy, assertively smoky flavor of chipotle; these smoked jalapeno peppers are an ideal foil for the rich, full flavors of pork.

The smokiness of the meat matches up perfectly with the smoky flavor of chipotle peppers in this smoky spicy pork flautas recipe. If you enjoy this flavor combined with the heat of hot peppers and the heartiness of pork, you may never need another way to use up the leftovers; not that this recipe isn’t good enough to make a pork roast for on its own.

Despite requiring deep frying, this is actually a very easy recipe to prepare. Since this recipe supposes that you are using leftover pork, it takes a surprisingly short time to make these absolutely delicious flautas. Continue reading

Beef Flautas Recipe

Flautas are one Mexican dish which not everyone on our side of the Rio Grande is familiar with quite yet. However, they are very similar to both tacos and chimichangas, which you probably know well, whether or not you have ever heard of a flauta before. These are filled corn tortillas which are rolled up into a tube (or “flute,” which is what flauta means in Spanish) and fried briefly to make them crisp, then usually topped with some sort of salsa; salsa verde in this case.

The filling here is barbacoa. This is a word which means different things to different people, largely depending on where you live. In Texas and in much of northern Mexico, barbacoa is made with beef cheeks or goat (barbacoa de chivo); if you can get fresh goat meat, you can make the recipe that way as well. In central Mexico, lamb is the barbacoa of choice and in the Yucatan, barbacoa means pork, the famous cochinita pibil.

You are free to substitute any of these meats in this recipe, though for this flautas recipe, we have assumed that you will be using either chuck roast or beef cheeks in the Texas style. Basically, barbacoa involves slowly steaming meat, usually with smoke, like a pit barbecue – though to make this recipe, you will be using a crock pot instead. It is a great dish to throw together in the morning, since it will be ready to be served when you get home in the evening. Continue reading

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