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Mexicali Margarita Quesadilla

Quesadillas don’t always have to have one, meat and two, be heavy. This Mexicali recipe is the perfect hot weather or light lunchtime meal it is kind of like a BLT in fact knowing me I am surprised I didn’t put bacon in it. Not this time although I think bacon makes pretty much everything better. Well this time I restrained myself and held back for one big reason I did not want to offend a whole nation and culture by polluting their beloved Margarita pizza recipe with extra ingredients even if in retrospect it might be a new idea down the line.

I had given you a couple of Mexicali taco recipes to get this category rolling and it was starting to seem like taco night so I wanted a fresh take on today’s recipe and this one seemed to fit the bill very nicely. It is not a typical quesadilla and is more like an open-ended wrap so don’t cook these long just a bit of crispness you are looking for an almost uncooked tortilla type of presentation as the fresh ingredients do well in their natural state so no need to cook this to death and try and melt the cheese like in a normal quesadilla.

So in that respect it is more like a BLT sandwich with the bread just lightly grilled and the inside nice and cool and fresh tasting. Mhh the idea of that BLT quesadilla keeps surfacing now I’m thinking lettuce might have been nice but no bacon, no lettuce the tomatoes get plenty of good stuff in the form of the basil and the cheese. Now I say use feta or goat it is really a preference goat would be good for people with lactose issues so there is that point otherwise it is merely a matter of taste. Continue reading

Tex-Mex Vegetarian Harvest Quesadilla with Cheese

If you love Tex-Mex cuisine and are a vegetarian there are not a lot of option out there for you as it normal has meat in it in one form or another and in Fact dishes like Texas chili are usually void of beans and mainly meat. This doesn’t mean we can’t create a new area of food based on the needs of vegetarians to have dishes that are meatless yet pack that signature Tex-Mex heat that these dishes are known for.

In the following recipe I blend a common group of vegetarian ingredients together and then suggest a few ways to pump up the heat to whatever level you like. Just as a group of you have had to live without Tex-Mex because of the meat doesn’t mean others of you should have to miss out because of too much heat either. Feel free to make each one personalized to who will eat its love of spice.

This is a great way to do quesadillas as each person will end up with one that makes them happy instead of making one dish fit all which rarely ever works out because in any group or family there are different levels or tolerances to spice and just because one person likes it like dragon fire and another likes it mellow doesn’t mean they should have to miss out. Continue reading

Tex-Mex Black Bean Tomato and Corn Quesadilla

Ok in the notes I give you two alternative cheese choices for the brave at heart but I love the heat so I figured I would mention them usually I just put some ideas of things you can use as I know not all parts of the country have some of the harder to find ingredients and I want to give you options. Now warning these are spicy so if you like mellow stay clear and in fact although the recipe calls for pepper jack you can use regular Monterey jack or even a Mexican cheese blend if you don’t want all the heat completely your choice and in fact for the kids ones you may want to do that anyways.

When cooking the vegetables the tomatoes are going to give up their water and you want most of this gone or you are going to have a mess on your hands when you try and cook your quesadillas so I suggest in the instructions cooking off most of the liquid soggy tortillas are not what we are after here. This is especial true if you want to make them all ahead and keep them warm in the oven you don’t want the tomato juice leaching all over our nice crisp quesadillas in the oven so make sure the water goes away before cooking the quesadillas.

Now another simple alteration you can do too is use fiesta corn in place of the regular corn it will turn the heat up a bit more but will give it another dimension not there otherwise. And as always alter to personal preference if you’re not into black beans use whatever kind of beans you like just make sure to rinse them first. You could even use refried beans if you like might be a little harder in the cooking process but a very easy change up. Continue reading

Tex-Mex Chicken Quesadilla with Black Olives

In our continued expansion of our Tex-Mex category I introduce something we haven’t made in this section yet the all important Quesadilla. Now I say important because this is a magical treat that can have so many variation I could probably do a whole site just devoted to Quesadilla but I feel it is better to give more verity. Now I call these magical for one big reason they are equally at home as an appetizer before the main meal or as the main meal itself depending on the size of the portion and the size tortillas you use. I mean you could use a 6 inch tortillas and it would be a snack or appetizer our use 10 or 12 inch tortillas and it is a full blown meal.

Another thing you can serve plenty of things to go with them they are great with guacamole, salsa of many kinds depending on your filling, and sour cream is really good depending on how hot the filling is this is a nice refreshing and cooling contrast to a really spicy Quesadilla.

Another thing so magical about these is they can be filled with anything. I mean you can make simple cheese Quesadilla or fill them with loads of different things and the combinations are all most endless I mean chicken goes well with things like bacon, onions, (sautéed or not) green apples, cranberries and pumpkin not necessarily at once. You can vary the cheese and even use nontraditional Mexican cheeses like say green apples, chicken and gorgonzola cheese would be a powerful combo. Ok not true Mexican but that is what we are discovering the vehicle is the Quesadilla what goes in them is all personal preferences and if you like it that is all that is important. Continue reading

Superfood Quesadillas with Pumpkin and Kale

Quesadillas are basically tortilla filled with cheese and cooked until the cheese melts, a bit like a Mexican twist on a grilled cheese sandwich, but you can add anything you want to make them unique. This recipe, for example, uses pumpkin and kale, not only to add color and nutrients, but to offer a delicious flavor. These could be served for breakfast or dinner, but they are perfect for lunch because they are tasty but not too heavy. You can use butternut squash instead of the pumpkin, depending on what is seasonal, or even sweet potato.

If you want to make extra pumpkin and kale mixture, or you are only making 2 quesadillas instead of the 4, you can keep the mixture refrigerated for a couple of days then toss it with cooked pasta and olive oil. Served with grated fresh parmesan, that would make a delicious meal. These quesadillas are simple to prepare and you could even make them with leftover pumpkin, as long as you chop it into cubes. Perhaps you have made quesadillas lots of times before, but we bet you have never made them with kale and pumpkin, and these are quite unusual.

We are using butter and oil in this recipe but swap some for a nonstick cooking spray if you want. Use oil or butter for cooking the finished quesadillas though, at least a little, because that helps them get nice and golden brown and helps them to crisp up. As soon as they are done, you can use a pizza wheel to cut them into 4 wedges, then serve them in a stack or simply as they are. Sour cream is nice with these because it contrasts with the spicy filling, and you can also consider other sides like guacamole, avocado slices, salsa, or pico de gallo. Continue reading

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